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Tips Turning off Myextras

I really hate the advertisments that come up on Metropcs phones.
Apparently Myextras CAN be stopped. You just have to go to their website and opt out. Until I had, everytime I force closed MyExtras , it would just restart. After I asked to opt out , the force close stuck (He said hopefully). I got the link below from the metro pcs faqs page


#1 ickster, Feb 17, 2011
You can actually go into myextra and turn off the audible alerts for both extra msg and regular msg of my extra. Yeah I hate that app, and I have no idea why metro ever came up with it. I get billions of customers that hate that app, nobody likes it lol.
#2 Silvist, Feb 17, 2011
they make money from it.
#3 MikesTooLz, Feb 17, 2011
It still opens argggh! It hasn't sent me any ads since I opted out, but when I looked at it through manage apps, it was running again.Saving data.
#4 ickster, Feb 17, 2011
yeah, its set to auto run when the phone is turned on.
#5 MikesTooLz, Feb 17, 2011
Again if you run it, there should be sound options, and you can disable all of the reminders for the ******ed program. Yeah i hate this thing more than any other app on the phone. Its like metros version of hell.
#6 Silvist, Feb 18, 2011
you can disable all the notifications and sound so that it doesnt bother you any more, but its still running in the background eating away at your battery and using the phones resources.
#7 MikesTooLz, Feb 18, 2011
Yeah, seriously the app from hell.
#8 Silvist, Feb 18, 2011
otherwise, it is eating up the battery and the battery sucks to begin with:thinking:
#9 gwingee, Jul 16, 2011
The "fix" (albeit drastic) is to root the phone and either freeze it or do like me and delete the mother-[expletive]-er! Lol!
#10 tiede, Jul 16, 2011
^ This.
#11 TRS-80, Jul 25, 2011
i want to remeove it but i need 1click root for it and i cant find it in this forum can you guys help me ,, post a link or the file please
#12 cito75, Aug 16, 2011
The ONE-CLICK Root is now outdated and has been replaced by DRockStar's AIO which gives you root AND ClockWorkMod Recovery.
It's stickied in the All Things Root subsection.
#13 tiede, Aug 16, 2011
I both like and dislike it. I enjoy the morning message that tells me the temperature and forecast, and I enjoy the "On this day in <date>...such and so happened." On the other hand, I hate the messages trying to sell me something. However, I discovered tonight that if you go into the MyExtras app, and then give one tap to the button at the lower, extreme right hand side below the screen, that is the one that looks like three horizontal lines, you can pull up a menu which allows you to select your alerts, etc. Keep what you want, and get rid of the rest. That made me very happy. : )
#14 HunnieBunnie, May 9, 2013