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General Ulefone Be Touch 2 (Review) 5.5" FHD, 3050mAh, Android 5.1, Touch ID, MTK6752 1.7Ghz, 3GB RAM

Full Review Video

Camera Samples:

Geekbench 3 Battery Comparison
Be Touch 1 http://browser.primatelabs.com/battery3/60070
Be Touch 2 http://browser.primatelabs.com/battery3/77474

ROMs (Build 150618 & 150702)

- 5.5 Inch IPS OGS 1920*1080 Pixel
- Corning Gorilla Glass 3 2.5D Arc Screen
- MTK6752 1.7GHz 64bit Octa Core
- Front Fingerprint Sensor, Unlock in 0.1-0.5s
- 3GB RAM + 16GB ROM
- 13 MP SONY IMX214 Back Camera + 5 MP Front Camera
- It has both a Rear & Front LED flash (for selfies).
- Android 5.1 Lollipop
- 3050 mAh battery
- Support Quick Charger (5V 1.5A) (0-100% max 2 hours)
- Support 2G & 3G & 4G LTE
- Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100MHz, FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B20



#1 s7yler, Jul 12, 2015
Please avoid buying ulephone. Zero support from manufacturer. the screen has the white blotches out of box.
I don't have any magnetic covers, the phone has poor quality screen [​IMG]

Conversation started Tuesday
8/4, 11:52am
Hi, My phone has a white spot near the bottom of the screen. Is this fixable? The phone is only a few days old
8/5, 4:48am
Dear smpillai, please send us the photo of the issue.
8/5, 10:12am
8/5, 10:12am
see the bright white spot and few other areas of screen with uneven lighting
8/6, 4:46am
Dear smpillai
We are sorry to hear that you have the problem with our device. There two ways of solving current issue.
1. You can use third-party technical service in your city. First of all you need to figure out can they fix it. If they can, than you can purchase all the details you need in this store http://www.etotalk.com/Wholesale-ule...t_c1215?page=3
2. There is another option. Please, contact retailers customer support, describe the problem (better make a video) and ask for the repair. In that case you will need to send the device back to the retailer.
Hope our advise will help you to solve the issue.
8/6, 7:44am
Hi UleFone,
Thanks for your reply. Both your options involve me spending lots of money on a device only a few days used. Posting it back to china will be expensive. I am not happy with your after sales support. Is there any thing else you can do. At least you could send the spares free of cost?
I will post my experience with you on various forums and blogs. I understand that sometimes things get overlooked in mass manufacturing but its important to provide good support if a new device has issues.
Dear smpillai, according to our warranty policy, that you can find on our official web-site http://ulefone.com/warranty.html our retailers responsible for all after-sale services. We are respecting their warranty policies as well. We can only offer you this 2 options. We are deeply sorry for inconvenience.
#2 smpillai11, Aug 7, 2015
I don't see anything wrong with the answer from Ulefone. They write you have to contact the SHOP where you bought the phone and they have to handle the warranty case for you, NOT Ulefone directly.

It is the same if I buy a Sony Phone from my local shop and it breaks, I have to to back to my local shop where I actually bought it and they have to send it in to Sony or give me a new unit. I'm not allowed to contact Sony directly and then expect they are giving me a new device.

It is the same here, you need to contact the webshop where you bought it!

If you want super support stay away from China phones, go buy a HTC, LG or Samsung then for triple the price.
#3 s7yler, Aug 7, 2015

There is a difference here. Sony has distributor internationally and so sending it back would be cheap. Sending the phone back by courier or registered post to China would be quite expensive. I assume the retailer Gearbest would not bear the cost

Also if you check the post on XDA developers there are lots of people complaining about the same issue out of box. Obviously Ulefone knows about this.

My post is to alert people planning to buy this and know what they are in for.
#4 smpillai11, Aug 7, 2015
I have no idea about the costs in your country or where you are from.
But I send a phone back to china with tracking no. for about 5 EUR in total shipping costs and that was from Germany (with Deutsche Post), and they received the phone (receiver even had to sign) about 10 days later in China, so it is possible.

I know a lot of people have complains about the Be Touch 2, but I have seen about 50% saying they are having no problems and another 50% saying they have a lot of problems. There is not really a clear picture of it.

What I would do. If the phone has a defective screen.
1. Read the "warranty-and-return" on the shop you bought it from
2. Contact Gearbest / The shop where you bought it and tell them about the problem
3. Gearbest has "45 Day Money Back Guarantee" and also "One Year Free Repair Warranty".
4. Send it back, as told it can be done cheap.
5. If nothing helps and you still can, open a dispute on Paypal if you paid with Paypal.
#5 s7yler, Aug 7, 2015