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Support Unable to view Facebook videos..


I am using the Facebook App with my droid bionic. When i try to view a video posted to Facebook I get the following error: File cannot be displayed or played.

You tube linked vidoes work just fine. It seems to be any imbedded vidoes. I think...

Is there anyway to fix this? I never had a problem on my fascinate. HELP! its driving me crazy that i cant figure it out.


#1 Brighty2002, Oct 26, 2011
Install Arcmedia player
#2 Lars, Oct 27, 2011
I have the same problem, even on videos that I have taken with my phone. I take the video, upload them to facebook but get the error message when trying to play them. They play fine in the gallery just not on facebook. Just one more reason I hate myself for buying this phone.
#3 Inadequate, Oct 28, 2011
facebook videos play fine on my Bionic
#4 Lars, Oct 28, 2011
I have this same issue.

#5 kwb2004, Oct 28, 2011
Moboplayer is what I installed and works good!!
#6 elcameano, Oct 31, 2011
MX Video Player works too! :)
#7 jwest06, Oct 31, 2011
I'm having this same issue... shouldn't it work without needing a separate video app?
#8 omahatian, Nov 6, 2011
Every type of video requires a separate app. A pc is the same. In fact, every file format reuires a program that can read it. People have suggested several solutions and still people ignore them. Hilarious.
#9 Lars, Nov 6, 2011
Not ignoring, just asking a question. Glad you find it hilarious.
#10 omahatian, Nov 6, 2011
it would have been better if you had mention the browser, if you are using IE or Firefox, you must install adobe flash player add-on.
#11 Styrisvps, Mar 8, 2012
I cannot even get the error message. I cannot get to the video section on my Bionic. I can open up the pic folders, but there is nothing there showing vids.
#12 1JP, May 9, 2013
I'm having the same problem....I can view my friends videos but not ones I uploaded....

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace.....yea I know its probably not the right section but I found this forum when searching for the problem....
#13 camon, Jun 13, 2013