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Support Understanding CSC, Kernel etc ??


I've purchased a new S2 on the T-Mobile UK network. Looking to upgrade to 2.3.4. but cannot get my head round it all.

The phone is not locked (tested with other sims) and has no T-Mobile branding, is this right?

My CSC is XEUKD1, what exactly is this? I've read that XEU is for UK but what is the KD1 part?

Should I not have a CSC specific to T-Mobile?

PDA i9100XWKF3
Phone i9100XXKE7

what do these numbers mean? which one will update to KG3?

I've tried reading several hundred posts but this is all so confusing.

Ex iPhone so go easy!!!


#1 vessy, Aug 2, 2011
PDA is the firmware version that contains the android OS and system apps.
Phone is the modem version
CSC is the connection data and XEUK is generic UK so it will work with all uk networks.
When you are updating they should all be updated to whatever firmware you choose. If you are using odin they get flashed separately.
#2 steslatt, Aug 2, 2011
So if I understand this right the PDA i9100XWKF3 is what will upgrade to KG3 when it is released? i.e. Android 2.3.4 heart of the operating system

Phone i9100XXKE7 does exactly what?

Obviously i9100 is the model but what do all the letters mean, XWKF3 (is KF3 the Android version?) and XXKE7?

So XEUK is a generic UK csc, what is the D1 part?

What should a csc number for T-Mobile look like?

Sorry for all the questions, keen to learn before updating.

#3 vessy, Aug 2, 2011
Correct.... maybe. By that I mean that yes the string will change, but to what depends on when the update is released.

That's what Samsung call "the modem" and HTC "the radio". It's basically a secondary firmware that controls the network connectivity (2G/3G, wireless & Bluetooth).

XW designates the supported locales (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain & UK). KF is the year and month of release (2011, June) & 3 means it was the third release in that period.

Release #7 of May 2011, supporting the same locales as XW.

XEU is a generic code. KD1 is similar to the above i.e. 2011, May, #1.

I believe their CSC is TMU, but that would only apply if the handset was network-locked i.e. sold directly by T-Mobile.

Hope this helps.
#4 Slug, Aug 2, 2011
WOW, thanks for the info, makes a lot more sense now.

I've just been looking on the samfirmware site and have some questions before I think about upgrading

The only XEU firmware is marked up as XWKE7 & XXKE4 why is my current firmware (official) not listed? KF3 & KE7

The only XWKF3 Firmware has a KCL csc?

The latest XXKG6 has a OXA csc, confused as to if this will work in the UK?

Also why do I currently have KF3 & KE7, all the leaked firmware has identical Firmware and radio codes of KG6?

So many questions so little time!!

Really appreciate the help.
#5 vessy, Aug 2, 2011
Well, they say you learn something new every day... like, "don't eat the yellow snow!"

Is there any chance that your post, or at least a version of it, could be made into a sticky to help others understand and choose firmware?

Thanks slug! :D
#6 ironass, Aug 3, 2011
It was probably never officially made available on Samsung's server(s).

KF3 was likely the most recent modem at the time of the handset's manufacture.

Your simplest option is to visit the Official i9100 Firmware thread over at XDA and install intratech's KG6 "Frankenstein package". That will update PDA and PHONE to KG6 while retaining your stock XEU CSC.

"Watch out where the huskies go!" ;)

This section is badly in need of a "Forum Guide" similar to the other longer-established ones. It's on my To-Do list, but in the meantime I use this list for reference. You didn't think I held all that info in my tired old brain, did ya? :eek:
#7 Slug, Aug 3, 2011
Wow! just finally found this thread and made my life way easier, Thanks guys!
This link is from Samfirmware and it has some more codes.
#8 OKara, Nov 14, 2011
Ops, I guess I havent checked this last post with the same link....
#9 OKara, Nov 14, 2011
Thanks for a useful explanation so far...

I've now manually updated my S2 to ICS. In ODIN it is only the PDA "component" that is checked, and used to install... right?

So why then does PDA, Phone, and CSC all get updated?

I would expect that the PDA component is what I'm changing - the OS and apps, not the modem and connection data.

And anyway, if I did want to change the PHONE and CSC,wouldn't I have to load them separately in ODIN? from other firmware files?

So I've gone from the original KG3, KE7, KG1(NZ) to Android 4's LP7, LPS, LP2 (VNZ) by only changing the PDA firmware?

#10 Maxcot, May 14, 2012
That's normal; official firmware updates from Samsung contain the "full set".
#11 Slug, May 15, 2012