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General Unlocking Galaxy Avant metropcs

After 3 months of phone service, ask MetroPCS , they give you the unlock code = free

Need it faster, eBay is usually cheap enough
#2 Sept1967, May 21, 2015
Does the 3 month apply if metropcs made me update a phone, technically I did not buy it.
#3 Wame26, May 21, 2015
From my own experience, a GSM MetroPCS phone, after 90 days of service on their system, you get a free unlock code. If it is in their system, and their phone, I don't think they would care who bought it.
The phone is paid off?
#4 Sept1967, May 22, 2015
Your best bet is to simply take your phone to a nearby Metro PCS store and ask them to unlock it for you. They'll charge you a few bucks (I paid $20 to have mine unlocked early), then send in the request. After 2-3 days they'll receive the unlock code and can then apply it to your phone. I did mine this way last year when I had had the phone only 30 days and needed to unlock it for international use. I'm now using my Avant on Orange's LTE network with no problems here on Mauritius.

#5 rck01, May 23, 2015
Yes it was a trade in for an update because they don't use CDMA anymore
#6 Wame26, May 23, 2015
If you just need it to accept a t-mobile sim just flash the T-Mobile firmware with Odin and it should work
#7 Masterchief87, May 28, 2015
Got my code from I'm now on h20 wireless.
#8 doubledogdare610, Jun 19, 2015
You could also email metro or T-Mobile and they might send you an unlock code. That's what I did with my at&t note 3 I'm on now.
#9 codyedmonson, Jun 19, 2015
I had seen their unlock policies. I did not want to wait.
#10 doubledogdare610, Jul 2, 2015