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General Unlocking ZTE Warp Sync N9515

Trying to unlock my Boostmobile phone. I have checked and it has a clean MEID and I have an unlock code.

I've tried the methods below, but get no prompt for entering the unlock code.
Tried with my Consumer Cellular sim and an AT&T sim and no prompt.
Tried with the codes listed without a sim but the phone doesn't respond with a prompt of any kind.

Any advice would be appreciated.

How to Unlock the ZTE N9515
1) Insert a non compatible SIM card to your locked ZTE Cell Phone,
2) Phone will prompt for Unlock Code (NP Code),
3) Enter the Unlock Code you received.

This method is not working?

1) Alright then please remove the SIM card and try this code ###825*09#,
2) Got the prompt for code? Please enter the code you received,
3) Failed above, try *983*8284# to access the Unlock Menu,
4) Failed above, finally try *983*865625# to access the Unlock Menu.



#1 Leo Nicholson, Apr 27, 2016
I have learned one valuable lesson - to first check if the phone can even be unlocked with a code. After checking several "unlock" sites, I found that some say they could unlock them, some say they can't. Obviously, if you can't even enter the code................

Finally bought a $30 AT&T Lumina 640 and easily unlocked it on the AT&T site. Not android, but it works with a Consumer Cellular sim without all the hassles.

I think my problem was starting with the wrong android phone. :(
#2 Leo Nicholson, May 2, 2016
LOLz... dude this is CDMA phone, it won't work with GSM . People giving unlock codes for this phones are thugs.
Be aware.
I did unlock the phone and used non boost sim but that is calling flashing (CDMA carrier change)
#3 hitesh123, May 7, 2016
I bought the thing on Ebay for use as an E-book reader and WiFi access when out and about. Works fine for that - no complaints. It has a clean MEID and a sim slot, so CDMA didn't occur to me. o_O

I did root the thing ok and wanted to try some different roms, but have about given up on it.
I have seen some articles about changing to Lollipop 5.1, but don't know if it even works.

How did you manage to unlock the phone and flash? I assume it will never work as GSM, sim or no sim.

Are there any inexpensive GSM phones that are good for playing with roms, etc.?
#4 Leo Nicholson, May 7, 2016 Last edited: May 7, 2016
Check out my topic of help, it is just using another sim by making phone ruim only.
Tried GSM sim too but it won't work as this is boost CDMA phone. few CDMA phones dose work in GSM as they use LTE which is common in GSM and CDMA. But this one is not working .
To test rom you need to buy more popular phones. Like I had before Moto G.
#5 hitesh123, May 8, 2016
Thanks again for your patience and info.
#6 Leo Nicholson, May 8, 2016