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Unwanted Groups on Note 8

3 issues: 1. "Video Calling Groups" was established by the software -- I had no such group. It is impossible to delete. 2. "Companies" group was established by the software, and there is no way to depopulate or delete it. 3. Samsung nags every 15 minutes with a popup "Sign in to Samsung account". Notifications in the Samsung apps are blocked, but this keeps coming up anyway.

Does anyone have solutions for these issues? Samsung does not. Thanks.


#1 B Chance, Apr 12, 2018
First what is your carrier? This makes a little difference because they may have added blaotware to your update. You are either on ATT or verizon (im guessing).

So the video apps thing probably is some carrier boat they install. Go into the apps section and see if you can remove that way otherwise, there are baked in.

2. Again its maybe boat ware. Ive a tmobile and don have any such folders.

3. That is due to new serucity updates in OREO. Check your carriers website on what the oreo update included. Someone else on this forum has experienced your issue with #3.

Reason Samsung may not have any answers is because most of your issues are with carrier bloat.
#2 marctronixx, Apr 12, 2018
Verizon indicates that it does not add Groups to anyone's contacts. Therefore it believes that the problem is with Samsung and the software, which I guess could include Google. So far no one seems to have answers, but they all finger point.
#3 B Chance, Apr 16, 2018 at 5:07 PM
What app are we even talking about here? I have a Verizon Note8 and I have no idea about a video calling group...

The "Sign in to Samsung Account" is really not related and WILL bug you until you do, since Samsung services are as embedded in the phone as Google services. These run everything from Bixby to... whatever else Samsung has on the phone. I recommend you sign in, and then use as few Samsung services as possible if you're uncomfortable. Big Data already owns us anyway...

#4 The_Chief, Apr 16, 2018 at 6:44 PM
posting a screenshot of exactly what you are talking about will help alleviate confusion.

i don't have your issue and i have a tmobile variant, so it seems plausible that verizon may be adding something to their carrier OS..

OR... could be an app on board that is automatically doing this too, so a screenshot would be helpful....
#5 marctronixx, Apr 16, 2018 at 7:40 PM