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Verizon Cloud issues

Is anyone else having an issue using the Verizon cloud? I keep getting a popup message saying "Cloud performance optimization initializing. You will be able to view your cloud content shortly." Then another message pops up saying " Sorry, we can't connect to the cloud service at this time." with another popup that disappears under that saying " Application can not run in off-line mode. Please connect to the server first."

Any help here would be great.


#1 shanny871, Feb 7, 2017
You're not alone my friend :mad:
I have a bad taste in my mouth for the Verizon Cloud....it doesn't update all my contacts/pix/texts etc and errors out constantly etc etc.
Junk if you ask me...stick with Google :)

I know that isn't much of a help, but I've tried deleting/unsyncing/reinstalling/clearing data/clearing cache/chanting/standing on one leg/closing one eye...all to no avail. It's hit and miss.

Hopefully you have better luck figuring it out, and I'm watching this thread for any other suggestions other than my little rant :p
#2 Mikestony, Feb 7, 2017