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Hey Guys, anybody know if the rooting software available here will work on this Verizon Phone? It's Similar to the Steller just the prepaid 3g version. Thanks


#1 troy864, Nov 28, 2013
I just bought a legend and wondering if you have tried rooting using the guild for the stellar, and did it work?
#2 dobbs69, Dec 6, 2013
Well it did work, showed 4g etc. On mine the Wi-Fi did not work at all. The PP is for Verizon Prepay only no other mvno's. The good news it Verizon has a software update/repair program that installed the original firmware back.
#3 troy864, Dec 7, 2013
Yea i used. Cydias impactor and is working great. Now all i need is a custom recovery so i can start tweaking and testing some things out so i can c how far i can push this device
#4 zoned out, Dec 18, 2013
I also used cydias impactor. Have to say it was quite simple and Wi-Fi works. Would like to have custom recovery but not a must. I only really needed root for TrevE wifi root app to tether my nexus 7.
#5 dobbs69, Dec 22, 2013
foxfi works for this device great
#6 uknow, Dec 24, 2013
Just received a system update (mh1 to mk2). Used root keeper and kept root
#7 dobbs69, Jan 14, 2014
do you know what mk2 changed?
#8 MrSparkles, Jan 17, 2014
To be honest, I can't tell any difference between the two. At least my phone quit bugging me to update.☺
#9 dobbs69, Jan 18, 2014
first time i tried it failed then i did it on my computer and it worked fine i wish i wouldve used root keeper but yea i cant till a difference either
#10 MrSparkles, Jan 18, 2014