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Support Verizon - SCH I535 - 4.3 - How to Unlock this???

okay here is what I have
Samsung Galaxy S3
Device Name/Model Number = SCH-I535
Android Version = 4.3

How do you unlock this thing?



#1 Mojoala, Mar 15, 2014
Are you looking to carrier unlock it or root it?
#2 breadnatty08, Mar 15, 2014
Carrier unlock it. I am switching from Verizon to TMobile.
#3 Mojoala, Mar 15, 2014
Should work. I have a 4.3 Verizon s3. My sim from tmobile works. I only tested a phone call. Data may not work. If I'm right most s3s are unlocked now? How come I am unable to use myfamilymobile SIM but can use my Tmobile SIM?
#4 zaamcore, Mar 25, 2014
did anyone find out how to do this? I need to use it on att and putting in the sim card isn't doing anything
#5 grealis, Apr 9, 2014
Your phone is already unlocked. You have to go into the network settings and change it from CDMA to GSM
#6 prj, Apr 10, 2014
I have done that multiple times. I always have the same result. Non verizon sim. Then when I continue to select a network, att is listed but it won't register
Do you have any idea why it wouldn't register? I know the signal is good bc I had my other phone right beside it.
If I am able to get it to register would that work for data as well as calls?
#7 grealis, Apr 10, 2014
Wow your in the correct direction but from CDMA you would need to root and edit build.prop and also alter the ril radio to gsm . this can be done with flashing a gsm patch this would convert the CDMA device to full gsm .
#8 BRAINZ2013, Apr 10, 2014
You have to change your APN settings.

No root required to use the Verizon S3 on ATT since the Verizon version is already unlocked from the factory and will work on Global, CDMA LTE & GSM
#9 prj, Apr 11, 2014
None of these # commands work on my S3. I have the galaxy s3 from Verizon. &=*#06# doesn't show me my IMEI number either. Is there something else I need to do to make these commands work? In the videos it looks like everyone just needs to click the 2nd # for them to complete/activate. Mine is not doing that.... it's attempting to call them.

#10 geekgirl, Jul 9, 2014
So I am attempting the same thing: Unlock the Verizon Galaxy S3 model SCH-1535 from Verizon onto MetroPCS.

Here is what I have experienced so far:
- I could get it rooted, but cannot change the APN, etc even using HiAPN, etc.

- NONE of the Hidden Menus work - if I enter ANYTHING onto the keypad, it attempts to call it. #*XXXX#

- HOWEVER, when I used MY sim card from the LG MOTION 4G, the S3 would not even recognize it. My boyfriend has a newer LG Optimus F6, and I thought that since it was a newer SIM card, I would try it; it recognized it.

So I think if your SIM is older, you may need the newer SIMS offered for the new phone lines for the combined TMOBILE/Metro network. I have just ordered a new SIM card online (as METRO HAS to activate it in store, but you do not have to do that if you order it online, they send you a 3-pack of sims - depending on what you need). Here is hoping that I can get it to work this time!

A woman was in there at the same time as me, and had an older HTC phone. She is running into the same s4!7 I am - MMS messages not coming through, hard time making/receiving calls in some areas. We were both told, it is because those phones are ONLY operating on the MetroPCS network now, and that the new phones are working on both networks.

That kind of blows - it isn't my fault they merged!

I may have also found an offline place to unlock it for $15, trying to find out now.....


*** I am tired of hearing about mergers, I work for Time Warner... ;-p

UPDATE: I bought the new sim card, and it is working! Full bars, wifi, all work... except it says sim is from unknown source, and is on global instead of gsm. so will work on that next.....
#11 geekgirl, Jul 16, 2014
How could I do this but so my s3 will work for straight talk? Or even better get my sprint s4 to work for straight talk???
#12 savster, Jul 23, 2014
Take it in to a Verizon store and tell them that you are going on a vacation to the UK and if you are in good standing, they usually will do it for you. Good luck and keep trying
#13 Dpadre, Jul 24, 2014
Can you give details on how you went about this process? And I'm a bit confused because I thought you didn't need to root the phone to do this and also thought it was unlocked already?

Friend has Verizon S3 and on Selectel right now and wants to switch it too MetroPCS. Trying to find the easiest method to accomplish this and if in fact no root or unlocking is needed then I want to save myself from being ripped off by taking to one of these local back of the store shops that would probably do nothing to it and just say yea its unlocked now or something lol.
#14 HarryNutz, Aug 2, 2014
I actually DID go to UK and did all of that. But then I could only get phone calls and texts but could not use
Gmail or anything else that required use of data.

#15 javamann, Aug 3, 2014
Nobody really? I just ain't having any luck what so ever. Its like every conversation I step into dies the moment I get here. :(
#16 HarryNutz, Aug 3, 2014
President Obama recently signed the “Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition”
#17 Dpadre, Aug 4, 2014