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General Vibrating: phone makes wierd noise

Well, even though i've got quite a bit of knowledge with these types of problems i want to talk with you guys on possible reasons/fixes for my slight problem. So every time the phone vibrates, it causes a very irritating noise in the top where the buzzer sits. It can be heard from far away because it is loud! its like the vibrator is loose and jittering inside of the phone. Its as if there was a tiny peice of alluminum or metal inside the phone, and it was going everywhere like a tiny ball inside a know? So what im inclined to do is take the screws out the back and take a look inside. Im confident i wont mess anything up ive dealt with electronics my entire life. But just to make sure, i want to know what u guys think could be the problem and if your infuse does this too. Thanks.


#1 Mohammad_Adib, Oct 6, 2011
If the phone is sitting on a table, you could be hearing the vibration of things close to the phone. If you think the vibrator is lose, turn the phone volume all the way down and see if the sound persists.
#2 Egidio, Oct 6, 2011
It is either a bad vibrator, or something unecessary is loose. Go ahead and take it apart. You should make some pictures of it ha because if i took mine apart im for sure it would be finished.
#3 Ryanscool, Oct 6, 2011
I decided ill just keep it this way and if it gets real bad ill take the necessary measures xD but its like the top of the phone makes a rattling noise when i hit when the vibrator vibrates, it rattles also...wierd!
#4 Mohammad_Adib, Oct 6, 2011
Omg, I have the exact same problem and it is super scary.
Every time my phone vibrates because of hitting a key on the keyboard or any of the home buttons, an extra annoying noise is made at the top of my nexus 5.

Its really hard to describe what it sounds like, but I can telll its a hardware problem.
Pleeeeaee help, how do you fix?
New phone and I'm super sad.
#5 Androidnoob69, Aug 5, 2014