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Support Virgin Mobile "My Account" App Missing

Not that it is a big loss but when I installed Virgin Mobile's My Account App updated the whole app disappeared from the phone. I can't even find it when I look under Settings/Apps/All.

My phone is not rooted and running the stock system.

Any ideas on how to get the app back without doing a factor reset?


#1 wardnkathy, Dec 20, 2014
Try installing it again.
#2 AMOCO, Dec 20, 2014
Not sure how to install it. It came on the phone and is not in the app store.
#3 wardnkathy, Dec 21, 2014
Looks like the factory reset may fix it,And I know its a lot of work.But I would try it.
#4 AMOCO, Dec 21, 2014
#5 Gendo420, Dec 21, 2014
I am in the USA. That app is not available in the US.
#6 wardnkathy, Dec 21, 2014
#7 Gendo420, Dec 27, 2014