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Visa Prepaid Card and Google Play

Hi, I just recently purchased a VISA Vanilla Prepaid Card and was wondering if I could use it to purchase some paid apps from google play. If possible, can someone please provide me with a step-by-step explanation as to how to do it? I would really appreciate it! Also, on Google Wallet it keeps asking me to visit wallet.google.com/manage. When I visit the place, it asks for account verification (providing pics of my card/some documents) which takes 3-5 business days. Wow, is there any other way? D:


#1 Orxan78, Jun 22, 2013
I use gift cards, but here is the total rundown on buying apps. pretty easy .

#2 LilBit, Jun 22, 2013
Depends on the pre-paid card. Some have a web site you can register the card with so that it knows your Name, address, ZIP and such before you can use it online. If you plan to use the whole card for google play may be easier to just buy a Google Play card at wal-mart or something.
#3 Screech, Jun 23, 2013
Are you in Asia, Middle East or Africa possibly? I've heard about this before, Google requiring account verification. Friend of mine in Hong Kong, had problems with Play and Wallet when trying to use a pre-paid instant use Mastercard. Problem is there is no account as such or documents with these, you just buying a pre-paid debit card with cash, and recharge it when required at the local convenience stores or supermarkets. Don't know if there's any way around it, other than using a bank issued card, that's associated with a real bank account.
#4 mikedt, Jun 23, 2013

Google gift vouchers are only available in the United States, Germany, France, and United Kingdom. Elsewhere I think you have to use a real bank issued credit/debit card, but apparently not a disposable pre-paid one. But then Google is very restrictive about where they operate a paid Play store, free apps only in China. Even if one has an Android device and credit/debit card from another country, and this issue has come up several times here.
#5 mikedt, Jun 23, 2013
if the card has a visa logo it should be able to work almost anywhere a visa card is accepted.

have you tried buying the app from your pc? you can have it download to your phone even.

and by the way i merged your other thread to here.

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#6 ocnbrze, Jun 23, 2013
the Vanilla cards cannot be used online. found that one out the hard way myself. only usable at retailers. the Nfinanse pre-paid VISA cards work fine, though.

the Vanilla card is a gift card and non-reloadable. i called their support after being declined online many times to have them tell me it's not usable online, non-reloadable, and only usable at retailer terminals like those at KMart or such that accept VISA. unlike Nfinanse, there is no way to set a home address/billing address that is required for online purchases to work correctly. while Nfinanse cards are pre-paid, they allow you to tie a home address to it with your name so online purchases work perfectly fine.

it seems that in the last week our town now has Google Play gift cards just like the Apple iTunes cards, making any need for a prepaid credit card workaround a moot point today.
#7 nickdalzell, Jun 23, 2013
In countries like the US and UK this is OK. But in I think some countries(emerging markets?) pre-paid and single use disposable Visa and Mastercards cant be used on-line. Could be because if there's a charge back issue or other problem, the "owner" of the card is not really traceable and accountable, unlike with a proper bank issued credit/debit card.

Here in China it's actually quite difficult to get a bank issued Visa or Mastercard. Basically you have to have the equivalent of $10,000 in your bank account, or be in very good standing with the bank. Most people have UnionPay(Chinese) debit cards, anyone can have these. However UnionPay is seldom accepted outside of China.
#8 mikedt, Jun 23, 2013