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Support Visual Voicemail Won't Setup

I just purchased the LG G3 today and everything was going fine until I went to set up visual voicemail which I had on my old phone. The problem is it doesn't go past the "setting up mailboxes" screen. It just sits there with the spinning blue circle. Has anybody else heard of this problem or know of a fix? Thanks.


#1 Pack83, Aug 31, 2014
Carrier? Mine works on T-mobile.
#2 daddyd302, Aug 31, 2014
Mine works but the ATT rep set it up for me when I was on the phone with them to activate my g3. Try calling your carrier.
#3 u-mad, Sep 1, 2014
i had similar issue with G3 on VZW. i had to VZW call tech support and they did something on their end and then i was able to finish setting it up.

if you're on VZW, call tech support.
#4 RadioZero, Sep 1, 2014
I used it a little bit on my Verizon G3.....then had to cancel it because it's a premium monthly fee service of course.
#5 JaRN99, Sep 3, 2014
It's free now.
#6 grdh20, Sep 10, 2014
So it is, nice.
#7 hilmar2k, Sep 10, 2014
How did u get it for free? When I go to set up premium version in the voice mail app it tells me it's a Verizon premium feature that costs $2.99 a month.
#8 JaRN99, Sep 13, 2014
It's free as long as you have an eligible phone on the account (G3, Note 3, Droid Ultra, and others). There is still a premium version that costs $2.99 and includes extra features.
#9 hilmar2k, Sep 14, 2014