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Volume is acting weird.

Hello, whenever I play an audio file, the speaker or headphones won't make a sound unless I press the volume buttons (up or down). The media volume is right in the middle, media is shown playing but nothing happens unless I press the buttons. It was working without a problem last week and I haven't installed anything in a long time... What could be causing this problem?



#1 ninotoof, Oct 12, 2017
That's not a's the default's a protocol way of protection aimed to prevent ear damage from the last update..since the last devices are coming up with very high volume..and let's say the last time you were using your speaker at a very high pitch in a noisy environment..and now you maybe sitting in a very quiet it may come back to strong to your ears..therefore to avoid that it goes all the way down..

I hope it makes sense.
#2 Xavier Black, Oct 12, 2017
Which app are you using to listen to these audio files?
#3 svim, Oct 12, 2017
Telegram, samsung music and facebook have this "problem"
#4 ninotoof, Oct 12, 2017
Yeah, it makes sense but it''s weird that it didn't act like that last week
#5 ninotoof, Oct 12, 2017
OK so it isn't just one app but an overall, system weirdness. Of course the most basic step to take is just restart your phone and see if that clears up whatever glitch started to cause this volume problem. If that doesn't make any difference, try starting up your J7 into its Safe Mode:
If the volume is back to normal while running in Safe Mode that's an indicator there's some app you've installed that's responsible.
#6 svim, Oct 12, 2017
I'm having the same(not inconvenience but symptom) every since I did a hack into the shity volume my S5 came with)..and it's a positive thing..
#7 Xavier Black, Oct 12, 2017
This is correct on all Google devices,System will turn down the media volume to not damage your hearing.

What I said in the above.
#8 AMOCO, Oct 12, 2017
OK but the OP's initial posting didn't refer to the volume level being too low, it was a matter of no audio at all as the progress bar would move and only by using the Volume Up or Down buttons would there be sound.
#9 svim, Oct 12, 2017
If that continues you may have to try a factory reset,To see if that fixes the issues and if that doesn't fix your issues,You can try reflashing the stock firmware.In case it is a software issue.Be sure to backup your contacts,data,,,, Before doing either.
How to Reset:
#10 AMOCO, Oct 12, 2017