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Support Wallpaper will not auto-rotate after Oreo update

Hello everyone. A few days ago, my S7 from AT&T received the Oreo (8.0.0) update from AT&T. Ever since, my wallpaper has stopped autorotating when I tilt my phone from portrait to landscape. The wallpaper briefly blinks but then remains in portrait mode.

I use Nova Launcher. They were not able to help. I have not done a factory reset because from what I have read, that does not help. Finally, I did do a cache clean up from recovery boot screen. That did not help. So I contacted Samsung.

Surprisingly, the rep on the chat session almost immediately said the following information:

Rep: Let me know if auto rotate is working apart from wall paper.
Me: Yes, apart from the wallpaper, it appears to be working. The wall paper auto-rotate has also always worked up until this update. When I tilt the phone, the wallpaper flashes momentarily, but remains in portrait.
Me: I have tried changing the wallpaper, tried different launchers, but the problem persists.

Rep: Thanks for the detailed information.
Rep: Let me explain it.
Rep: As per the Android update version 8.0 (Oreo), the wallpaper rotation is not available. This is not the limitation by the manufacturer of the device, this is designed by Google as they provide Android updates.

If that is in fact true, I don't understand Google. How is that an feature upgrade? Of all the things that a version upgrade changes, why try to tinker with THIS? Are the android programmers that out of things to do?!

If anyone has figured out a work around, please post.



#1 Ashoke Talukdar, Jun 13, 2018 at 6:22 PM