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General Watching live 720 or 1080 video over LTE?

I want to get a wireless IP camera that I can control from my Note 2 over WiFi or LTE using Verizon. I want a 720p or 1080p camera like this one:

Foscam FI9821W Wireless IP Camera

Anyone know if a Note2 and LTE can even support video transfers of 720 or 1080 over LTE? Is it a waste of money to get a 1080 or 720 camera if the network won't stream it properly?



#1 stanw, Mar 20, 2013
As long as you have a good signal from your carrier LTE has more than enough bandwidth for that. The only question is will you get a good enough signal everywhere you might want to watch it?
You can check by watching an HD vid on youtube or streaming a movie.
#2 TheOtherBill, Mar 20, 2013