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Water damaged phone speaker, please help!

Stupidly, yesterday I decided it would be a fantastic idea to bring my phone into the bathroom with me while I had a soak. I got a text message, and while replying, the very bottom of my phone went under water for like a second. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but when I got a call today, the other person couldn't hear me. I don't have a clue about phones, and couldn't find anything about this problem, so it seems like most people aren't total idiots like me and take their phone into the bathroom with them... Any help would be really appreciated, thanks! :)



#1 Alice123, Jan 8, 2012
Hey alice!

Not sure, as it seems you've had your phone on and it's been working. Here are some steps (for if you get your phone wet)... I don't know how well this will work, given that it's been a while and you've used your phone...

Hope this helps... let us know how you get on!!
#2 D-U-R-X, Jan 8, 2012
Oh, wow! Sorry to hear that. We sometimes make wrong choices - and this is one of them. It happens. Anyway, I hope the above steps work in your favor. Best of luck. And thanks for joining the forum. ;)
#3 Rush, Jan 8, 2012
I did basically the same thing last night and now I have to shout to be heard. Everything else works though. Any ideas?
#4 NyChik79, Jun 16, 2015
I plugged in my charger and started playing high graphics games and the phone got heated. I don't know what happened but it worked.
#5 Abhishek787, Sep 13, 2015
I just played really loud music and when it got to the point where I could see the water on the speaker I sucked it out with the vacuum
#6 aujpuj, Dec 21, 2016