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Support Way to change default storage location?

The phone defaults to store everything on the internal storage instead of the SD card. I called Sprint, but they did not know a way. I cannot directly acces the internal memory through the USB. Is there a way to make it store everthing on the SD card?

For instance I shoot video and it all goes into the internal memory. The only way I can get it onto my computer is to first move it to the SD card, then I can move it to my PC.


#1 drewjet, Sep 5, 2012
All phones that have both internal storage AND a microSD slot are partitioned such that, when you move apps to the SD (along with some app settings backups), the items only move to the internal storage. If you look at the other forums for new phones (LTEvo, Galaxy S3, etc.), or even the original MoPho forum, it's discussed a lot. There are, however, some apps that allow you to identify the actual path to identify the microSD card (e.g. sd-ext) as the place to back-up settings, but not all apps allow for that. The total internal storage for the phone is partitioned into Memory for Apps/Internal storage for whatever you want/program (non-accessible, unless rooted).

The only phone, that I'm aware of, that you can change the settings to move apps to the actual microSD and/or backup settings to the microSD, is a rooted LTEvo. There's a root trick that was developed to bi-pass the internal storage (e.g. identified as sd) and go to the microSD, but haven't looked around enough to see if the same root trick had been developed for the other OEM's (e.g. Samsung/LG/Motorola).
#2 drexappeal, Sep 5, 2012
My Photon Q is stock, not rooted. When I shoot video the default storage location is /mnt/sdcard/DCIM/Camera. I do not have a sdMicro card installed. When I attach via USB cable to my latop I am able to copy directly from that folder without having to move it on the phone first.

As far as what apps can be moved to SD, that is totally dependent on the developer. An app dev has the option to allow or disallow moving app, data or both to SD card.
#3 CzechPleez, Sep 18, 2012
He was referring to why the files wouldn't save to a microSD, not the internal storage. As I mentioned above, the internal storage is partitioned to be identified as the "sd card," which prevents many apps from being stored onto the external SD card (if added). For the camera, that's a different story. All of my videos and pictures are able to automatically store on the microSD
#4 drexappeal, Sep 18, 2012
Why not just have the pics automatically go to your microSD? For the camera, it's easy to set up in the settings.
#5 drexappeal, Sep 18, 2012
If you go to my files/all files/settings you can set the default storage to what you like for different Files
#6 dogian, Apr 20, 2013
Wow, this entire time, had no clue you could set it like that.

For those that don't know, My Files os the built in file explorer app. That is the starting point
#7 drexappeal, Apr 21, 2013
I don't have a My Files option...I just have Files, and it doesn't have an All Files option that I can see. When I go into Settings all I get is the option to display hidden files & folders.
#8 Billkwando, May 10, 2013
Sorry. That was my bad. I posted thinking it was the Note 2 forum, but I was in the Q forum looking something up for my relative.

That said, it should be the same (if I was able to find it on my Note 2).

1) Open stock File Explorer App (whatever it's called for the Q)
2) On the top toolbar, if there's an arrow like this "<" click on that until you're in the parent directory, which should say "My Files"
3) Click on the "All Files" folder that should be displayed
4) Click Menu>Settings

From there, you should see the settings that the OP was referring to.
#9 drexappeal, May 10, 2013