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Weird Music Starts Randomly Plays Continuously Can't Turn Off

Yesterday some weird, creepy repetitive annoying music started playing as I was working with an app. I was unable to find the source. My music players were not running. The frenzied tune played over and over until I was half mad. I turned off the volume and I guess it finally stopped. Now, it has started again.
---> I am writing this approximately two hours later. The music is still playing. After posting the above, I looked in my files, and I found a file in my "recently opened." This .amr file contained the music from hell. It was named "Emergency." It had been downloaded January 31, 2018. I deleted it, but the music is STILL playing. Where is it coming from? How can I get it to Stop? I have included a screenshot that I made just before I deleted it, so perhaps you can tell what dastardly malware is responsible for this reprehensible act. Thank you!!


#1 Dawnie, Apr 5, 2018 Last edited: Apr 5, 2018
why don't you power off your device?

you may have some free app that is rogue and allows popups. if this happened right after you deleted or installed something, that may be helpful to share.

what carrier are you on?

and do you have the OREO update?
#2 marctronixx, Apr 5, 2018
I have the same thing. The only song I have on my phone is the 'curb your enthusiasm' theme. And that's my ringtone. And every now and then since the update it plays. I think I have a call and it's the music player playing my only song
#3 kennethalee88, Apr 7, 2018
This hit me yesterday.
I recieved a phone call and my ringtone played thru the entire call.
This was only while connected to my BT.
If I turned off BT, no music.

After the call, no music. Later, I was viewing YouTube and the music returned.
#4 pool_shark, Apr 11, 2018
Well I am glad too see I am not the only one with weird phone noise issues. Yesterday my phone started ringing. I pulled it out too see who the call was from. There was no incoming call or out going stop it I power off. Once I power back it started again and then stopped
#5 joe71, Apr 11, 2018
I just had this happen today with a notification sound. It would not stop till I shut down the phone. I was messing with Bluetooth when it happened.
#6 wyzird, Apr 12, 2018
you cats having issues, post up your carrier and if you indeed are on oreo...
#7 marctronixx, Apr 12, 2018
Verizon, and yes on Oreo.
#8 wyzird, Apr 12, 2018
Same here.
#9 pool_shark, Apr 12, 2018
Just had it happen again. I turned on Bluetooth and my notifications sound went off and I had to shut my phone off to stop it.
#10 wyzird, Apr 13, 2018
My brother said it happened on his note 5 too.
#11 pool_shark, Apr 13, 2018
looks like a carrier specific issue? maybe reach out to verizon and/or do a internet wide search to see if other people online may be experiencing the same thing...
#12 marctronixx, Apr 13, 2018
Let's try this first, see if we have any common 3rd party apps.

Only things relatively new for me:
Mood messenger
Enhanced sms & caller ID
Next sms
#13 pool_shark, Apr 14, 2018
I don't have any of those apps, but I use the Square app for work and it happens every time I connect the chip card reader to Bluetooth.
#14 wyzird, Apr 16, 2018
Ok, so it probably isn't a 3rd party app.
Seems like a bluetooth issue.
#15 pool_shark, Apr 16, 2018
I turned off notifications for square and I am good for now.
#16 wyzird, Apr 16, 2018
Sprint. And we have had conversations about ore in another thread. I was on it as soon as it dropped
#17 kennethalee88, Apr 17, 2018