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Support what is .face folder help!

Hello all,new tablet user so this may be stupid BUT just found .face folder full of files I cant open and I don,t know what they are. More importantly can I safely delete? them cos. They are using a lot of memory.
Thank all you techies for invaluable help on numerous topics.:)


#1 red58, Nov 3, 2012
Hello, you cannot open the folder because Android has decided not to give phone users the permission. If your phone was rooted (i.e. with super-user access), you would find that the .face folder contains cropped pictures of faces automatically detected from all the images that have ever gone through your phone. What Android does with all your hidden friends and family's faces, god only knows.

#2 Raptor_Jesus, Oct 27, 2013
If you ever used the "facial recognition" to unlock your tablet , those files would also be stored there
#3 Bosbouer, Oct 27, 2013
I also have this .face folder. Can dlt. Bt if i restart phone, again it comes. Cant undrstnd. Can i do anything ?
#4 Darshu1991, Jun 6, 2014
Hello buddy ! There is an uncomn folder in my device memory. (.face) cant dlt that folder. I restore my phone. Bt useless. I reinstall the firmware. Bt mhm. . . :( There is a file inside of this folder. (Facedata) can i do anything to this problem ? My device is samsung s duos 2. Pls help. . . !
#5 Darshu1991, Jun 6, 2014