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Support What is the app that keeps popping up on my LG G6

I get the screen shown below every so often say a couple times a day when I unlock the G6 and going to the home screen. I am using the Nova Launcher Prime on the phone. Not that this bothers me. I wonder if it could be some bloatware from LG.

If I can find out what app it is I can delete it or at worst disable it. Thanks for any help on this. Screen shot below.


#1 DemDog, Jul 17, 2017
#2 DemDog, Jul 17, 2017
Do you have ES File Explorer installed? Or anything by Go (Go Launcher/SMS etc)?
#3 El Presidente, Jul 17, 2017
It looks like an app manager or locker connected to a launcher you have installed.
#4 Phalon4, Jul 17, 2017
I have ES File Explorer installed. And I have found a few new things that ES FE does now that it did not do on my Moto X PE. I was able to turn them all off but this thing, could not find anything to turn off. Perhaps I should just uninstall ES File Explorer and see what happens. If it is ES File Explorer what alternative File Manager would you recommend?
#5 DemDog, Jul 17, 2017
Uninstall ES File Explorer and if you see ES Task Manager uninstall that too.

Solid Explorer is one I would recommend. ES is pure adware/garbage now.
#6 tube517, Jul 17, 2017
ES File Explorer and ES Task Manger used to be a great apps, but, like tube said, Explorer became pure adware/garbage.
#7 MozartMan, Jul 18, 2017
Unintsalled ES File Explorer 2 days ago and installed Solid Explorer in its place. Have not had the funky screen come up since then. Thanks all of you for you suggestions. I am a happy camper now.
#8 DemDog, Jul 19, 2017