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General What is the best favorite contacts widget?

I use the one that comes with the phone - the little "people" icon in the tray. It does the job and it does it well.
#2 Rukbat, Jan 18, 2014
I use car widget just change the shortcuts to direct dial your favorites
#3 gbsa, Jan 18, 2014
I don't have that... I'm on vzw if that makes any difference
#4 Gravytrain, Jan 18, 2014
I like Contacts+ It's one of the first apps I get when I buy a new phone.
#5 ManaBurnX, Jan 19, 2014
Try Android Pro Widgets...probably the best widgets available for contacts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The Contacts widget will allow you to display your contact pictures in a grid pattern from your gallery or automatically from Facebook. I've used it on my last 3 Android phones.
#6 Roymus, Jan 21, 2014
+1 for Android Pro Widgets. I use it for Calendar, Bookmarks, Social Networking (Twitter and Facebook). By far my favorite one. I used to use it for Contacts, but realized that I much preferred my contacts not being displayed on the homescreen
#7 drexappeal, Jan 21, 2014
Will give it a try. Thanks!

Eta: this is exactly what I was looking for
#8 Gravytrain, Jan 22, 2014
Ok raising this from the dead I know and making a shameless plug on top of it but if you are still looking for a contact widget, I made one (it's my first app.) I'd appreciate any feedback!

#9 MadMister2, Nov 12, 2014
I 2ND APW....does it all...
#10 hoghunter1, Nov 12, 2014
Favorite Contacts Widget Blur. Works well. Retracts into one row. Reminds me a lot of the one that came with my Razr Maxx.
#11 georgek99, Nov 13, 2014
I've been using Favorite Contacts Widget Blur for a while now, and it's pretty awesome. It's based on the original Motorola (hence blur) favorite contacts widget, which was awesome but only was available to older Motorola devices.

It has awesome features, and material design. Check it out!
#12 relics, Jan 12, 2015
Hello, I've worked on Veer, a widget for your favorite contacts/actions! It's free... and I hope you like it!
Please tell me what do you think about it!

#13 Andrea Cipriani, Oct 31, 2015