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What is the best holder(mount) for phablet ?

Hi all,

I'm about to buy a phablet(Cube-U51GTW) , it is actualy a 7" tablet wich i would use as a cellphone and also as a navigation device in my car.

After watching a lot of youtube videos i got lost :thinking:
I'm looking for a steady mount that will hold the device and prevent it from shaking while driving.

I live in a very hot country so it's important that the mount will have some kind of protection over the phabet. I'm sure that direct sun whould not do good to the device.

To prevent the phablet fron blocking the front view i prefer mounts that will stick to the dashboard and go down towards the radio.
Even the cd slot mount is a better solution than the windshield ones but both cd slot and the windshield mounts are too risky and the phablet would probably shake.

Which mount do you prefer for your 7" talets\phablets ?



#1 Octavia83, Jun 16, 2014
The best CD slot mount is the Mountek, but I doubt it would hold a 7" tab. (It depends on the width of the bezel - mine has more than enough room to hold my Note 3, not not a lot more, and only across the width [3-12"] not the length [6"].) As far as falling out, you'd have to be riding on some pretty uncomfortable roads (or off road) to knock that thing out. My wife dropped a front wheel into a pothole deep enough to hit the ground with the frame of the car (we were only doing about 15mph at the time) and the phone stayed in the mount.

Since you live in a hot country, I'd advise against a suction cup mount. The polymers in the cup dry out quickly in heat (6 months to a year, maybe), leaving you with a mount with no suction. There are mounting systems that have various mounts (but not a CD slot mount, as far as the ones I've seen), an extention of various lengths and a device mount. You buy each of the sections best suited to your need and put them together (they usually just screw together with pretty sturdy threaded portions) and you have a mount.

I'd opt for a "drink holder" mount, if you have one low enough. Then a flexible extension short enough that the tab was out of the sun, but near the windshield. (All of my phones and GPS devices work when sitting on the center console not too far off the floor, but you don't want to take your eyes too far from the windshield when you're driving) And, of course, a device holder large enough to hold the tab.

The good systems aren't cheap - anywhere from US$50 and up. But when you have one in your hand you'll understand why - they aren't made like a $5 mount, they have a feel of quality and permanence to them.
#2 Rukbat, Jun 16, 2014
Thanks for replying my quastion.

I'll check the size of the phablet.
A cup holder mount is an option but would the device be steady enough ? practically the phablet is on air

About the price, 40-50 $ is a fair price , i'm not looking for 5$ mounts
#3 Octavia83, Jun 16, 2014
Don't waste a dollar of your money on anything else. I have reviewed every car mount, except for CD mount Mountek (though I reviewed a similar CD mount ExoGeare Touch CD) and I personally wouldn't recommend CD mount car mounts for phablets.

The BEST universal car mount that will fit any phone or any tablet up to 7"-8" is still Arkon Slim-Grip Ultra, detailed review here: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-note-2/694925-arkon-slim-grip-ultra-mount-car-home.html - you can get it for about $20-$25 off Amazon, depending on mounting option.
#4 twister6, Jun 22, 2014
Thank you for your recommendation , great review :)
I don't want to block the vent , window shield mount is also not an option.
I'll check what mounting options Arkon suggest and give it a try .

After seeing what Arkon has to offer, I think the following mount can be a great solution
Slim-Grip Ultra Seat Rail or Floor Mount with Aluminum Gooseneck
#5 Octavia83, Jun 22, 2014
Yeah, that one looks good too! Just check with Amazon, you can probably get a better deal in there.
#6 twister6, Jun 22, 2014
The link I'v posted was just to show the product, before buying I will check the price in Amazon, Ebay or any other online store.
Amazon doesn't deliver it's products directly to my country therefore I must pay to a third party company that does.
#7 Octavia83, Jun 23, 2014
I know that Verizon sells a pretty good one, just check out their accessories page, works great for my Note 3 :)

I think it was only 19.99 too, which is surprising for Verizon.
#8 Digital Controller, Jun 23, 2014