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Support What is the best way to fix the black crush problem? Screen Adjuster does not seem to be helpful

Hi, I was watching the "Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL)" on Youtube at night with the room in dark.

Iron Man 2 Trailer 2 (OFFICIAL) - YouTube

At around 1:46-1:48, the video quality is very ugly. When playing the same video on my desktop monitor, it looks nice. When I played it on my iPodTouch, the quality was not as bad as the Galaxy Note.

Somewhere I read that some devices have less obvious black crushing issue. I read that a person got a good one after 5 exchanges.

I also heard that there is an app called Screen Adjuster. Some users were able to reduce the problem to no black crush by making the following settings:

1. red: -3
2. red: -3, contrast: values between -20 to -30
3. contrast: values between -50 to -60

I tried all these but there does not seem to have any improvement.
Is there a better app or parameter set that I should try?

If there is no solution, shall I return it to the store for a refund and get the S3, keep exchanging until I get a better or perfect one? Thanks.


#1 hajimeabc, Jun 3, 2012
I honestly don't see any problems. I do wonder, however, if you have the screen brightness set too high? The Nigel's screen is stilly very high quality and will show up poor quality images and video. But try reducing your screen brightness or use the auto brightness setting.

#2 ifb-online, Jun 3, 2012
I've just watched it and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary? No blocky patches or anything else. What mode do you have your screen set to? Mine's on standard.
#3 GiggityGiggity, Jun 3, 2012
Screen Mode is set to Dynamic

Brightness is set to Auto

I found something interesting. At 1:45, Iron man talks with his friend. Then, the worst image appeared at the instance the robot landed on the ground (at 1:46). When I pressed the screen at this instance, I could see the poor images. Then, when I touched the screen again, somehow part of the video was repeated (i.e. robot flying down to the ground again). At this point, the image turned from very nice to very bad.

I also have problem with the following video at 0:13 to 0:15
#4 hajimeabc, Jun 3, 2012
I used Screen Adjuster with system brightness set to auto and contrast at -80, black crush problem disappeared in this video:
Meguiar's Car Pack - YouTube

However, it just did not play back as nicely as if it were played on the computer. Unfortunately, Screen Adjuster cannot fix the black crush problem in the iron man 2 video. I also have black crush problem when playing back a video taken from the window of my apartment at night. Screen Adjuster can fix the black crush problem using the same parameters shown above. However, the overall quality is not as vibrant.

Is this black crush problem with less than ideal solution what I have to put up with at least for the time being? Shall I keep the Note or try to fight to get the exchange/refund?

How come the same app and the same settings can remove the black crush of one video but not the other?
#5 hajimeabc, Jun 3, 2012
I use standard instead of dynamic screen mode. OLED screens are naturally a bit over saturated so dynamic is Ott on the Note for me. By any chance are you using wifi or a mobile data connection when watching these clips?

#6 ifb-online, Jun 3, 2012

After you mentioned about the screen type, I changed to standard already.
I only use wifi.
#7 hajimeabc, Jun 3, 2012
I upgraded to ICS 4.0.3 today and started having the black crush issue more noticeable than before. I have tried every combination of display settings possible, but to no avail. Earlier on the gingerbread the phone was laggy and upgrading it to ics solved the lagginess problem but now the video is choppy. It came to my notice when i was watching 'Nelly Furtado's-say it right' video.
I have a sprint's epic 4g touch that has never troubled me since bought. It's been stock rooted since bought and runs like a knife in butter.
Seems to me like i have made a big mistake buying this.
Will rooting my device solve the problem or should i wait for the official update to this problem? What say?
#8 drpsg, Jun 4, 2012
I must be in an different universe. I can't think of a bad thing to say about the ICS update.
#9 ifb-online, Jun 4, 2012