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What is the NFC icon and what happens if I disable it?

When I purchased my new LG F6 this week I asked them what the NFC icon was for. The first employee I asked wasn't able to tell me what it was.

Today, when I went to pay my bill, I asked the employee working this time, and she told me that it was to make the LTE switch on faster.

I got the feeling from both her answer and a tone in which she said that she didn't know, and was saying that just to give me an answer and get rid of me. Can anyone please tell me what the NFC icon is for?


#1 MyUsernameRox, Feb 3, 2014
Lmao! I'm sorry but the lte statement is funny :rofl:

NFC = Near Field Communication

Near field communication*(NFC) is a set of standards for*smartphones*and similar devices to establish*radio*communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

Present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as*Wi-Fi.[1]*Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFCchip called a "tag"

In short, if you've got 2 NFC devices, you can touch them together to share files, photos etc.
#2 DragonSlayer95, Feb 3, 2014
Near Field Communication. Used by touching two capable phones together to transfer files etc... You can shut off NFC inside network settings, I think....

Ninja'd, thanks Aang :D :D

Yup, NFC and Beam stuff are under wireless and network settings.
#3 Spec2nirvash, Feb 3, 2014
You can also use it for tap to pay if your wallet supports it and stuff but seriously, I think I might be learning to love them wacky metro employees now that I am on T-Mobile side (side note I am sure going inside a T-Mobile store would subject me to the same cloud of smoke I got at metro stores) 😒
#4 DirtyDee, Feb 4, 2014
Yeah I kind of figured that the stores where supposed to give training to their employees about the phones but I guess not. I went to a metro store the other day and the woman behind the counter had no idea what she was doing. My girlfriend got a new phone and the employee was so clueless she asked me if I knew how to st up the phone. The guy working there kept making eye contact with me and laughing after almost everything she said.
#5 averagewonder, Feb 4, 2014
I use NFC primarily for contact-less payments at participating stores using Google Wallet. Convenient, and fun. Everyone is baffled when they see me hold the Nexus up to the card reader. :D

Google also sent me a card to use with my Wallet balance when NFC isn't available. Very neat.

NFC is great for other uses too, like task automation using NFC tags around the home, in the car, etc. I haven't explored that realm though, I just use it for Wallet at this point.

I believe you can also use it to write to compatible NFC cards, as well as read a variety. It will read tap-to-pay credit cards, as well as some card access transceivers (cards, key fobs, etc.)
#6 TheAmazingDave, Feb 4, 2014
Well the first employee that I asked about it at least admitted she didn't know and tried to google it for me but she wasn't able to find anything quickly enough.

The second employee however by giving me a nonsense answer just to get me out of her hair kind of annoyed me.
#7 MyUsernameRox, Feb 4, 2014
The second employee however by giving me a nonsense answer just to get me out of her hair kind of annoyed me.

That to me is the worst thing I don't mind I don't know but feeding me false information is inflammatory
#8 DirtyDee, Feb 4, 2014
When I first started working in customer service, one of the very first - and best - things they taught me was to never tell a customer "I don't know" but rather to tell them, "I'm not sure, let me see if I can find out for you".
#9 MyUsernameRox, Feb 5, 2014
That is what I was taught as well
#10 DirtyDee, Feb 5, 2014
i never would have walked into that monkey cage.

metro doesnt have bad customer service, they have NO customer service.
#11 THE W, Mar 1, 2014
NFC = No F***ing Clue
there fixed it for you OP
#12 akmsr, Mar 1, 2014
At T-Mobile I made my first payment with one of the optimus elites I owned he knew what NFC was he just never seen anyone use it before
#13 DirtyDee, Mar 1, 2014

Yeah its cool to have but really don't have much use for it or really does anyone I know who has it.
#14 averagewonder, Mar 1, 2014
So no one you knows has a postv2011 Samsung flagship
#15 DirtyDee, Mar 1, 2014
Yeah just none of them use the NFC as D's are as I know.
#16 averagewonder, Mar 1, 2014
Glad I got an isis enabled sim so I should have no issuse soon when I pick up a dayly driver with nfc willstill keep my cards on me cash for the bus tho
#17 DirtyDee, Mar 1, 2014