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Support What is the tennis shoe stepping on a man in the locked screen ?

Locked screen. There's a small shoe with the heel elevated. Under true heel is a circle of a running man. To the right of this is "Paused".

Unlocking the screen ----> they disappear.

Why is the emblem there? What is being paused?



#1 AppleUser, Aug 4, 2015
i would guess that is S health's Pedometer icon, and you currently have it puased within the app.

The shoe is the Pedometer icon, and the running guy is S health's icon.
#2 np6s4x, Aug 5, 2015
You are so right! Can't get rid of the icon, and root app delete can't delete the App. So how to eliminate this running man from the home screen ?
#3 AppleUser, Aug 5, 2015
go to settings -> within the 'device' section choose 'lock screen' -> scroll down and tap 'Additional information' -> then uncheck the box next to 'pedometer'

do you mean lock screen or home screen? if home screen you should just be able to remove the widget
#4 np6s4x, Aug 5, 2015
OMG! Thank you so much. He is gone. My worst problem of the year (so far) is solved. Thank you.
#5 AppleUser, Aug 7, 2015
Lol I posted a question about this a few hours before you did and got no responses, good thing I looked here xD
#6 HouseFan13, Aug 7, 2015