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What is the use of Gyroscope, Proximity sensor and Accelerometer in modern cellphones ?

Gyroscope - allows the device to rotate the screen from portrait to landscape when you turn your phone as well as use the device orientation as a controller for games

Proximity Sensor - this usually turns the screen off when you hold it up to your head while on a phone call so you don't accidentally "push" any buttons

Accelerometer - this detects changes in motion and is useful for apps that require a "shake" to perform an action.

I hope this helps and I have moved this to the Android Lounge for you where more folks will see it.
#2 Unforgiven, Jul 19, 2012
And using these sensors in innovative ways, you can create some really cool apps, ie swinging your phone and making it sound like a light saber.
#3 whatisreal7, Jul 19, 2012
When were they options in older phones?
#4 Colchicine, Jul 19, 2012
I've spent my last month playing with the gyroscope on my Note :)
And here's the result:
A highly addictive instant classic :)
#5 PeterRRadkov, Jul 27, 2012