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What will open RTF files?

using drop box now but cant read the RTF files that are placed in it. I have open office, but that doesn't work either.


#1 tjreishus, Apr 4, 2010
OffiViewer - Cyrket claims the ability.
#2 Yenzehn, Apr 6, 2010
The only problem is that it uploads the RTF document to their server to convert it to PDF. :(
#3 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
MS WORD should be able to open RTF files. Are you sure that the RTF file is not corrupt or broken?
#4 Julienne, Aug 29, 2010
Take a look on MultiReader

#5 Harry2, Aug 29, 2010
Dude, seriously -- that's your first contribution to this forum? Did you not see this is in the ANDROID applications?

thanks, but it doesn't keep much (well, any) of the RTF formatting including line breaks. :)

I'd welcome any other suggestions!
#6 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
Have you tried documentstogo or officesuite pro? They both have free versions that claim to open and read all sorts of stuff. Their blurbs don't mention RTF files but I would be kind of surprised if one or both of them don't handle RTF's pretty well.

Let me know if one of them works. They both have free versions.

Cheers and good luck
#7 muab, Aug 29, 2010
Yep, tried them both, thank you -- neither actually opened the RTF. When I went to open the file they just wouldn't show the RTF-files. I was surprised as well.
#8 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
Maybe this review could shed some light...?

Can you convert an RTF in Google Docs then access with this program?

GDocs Android App Review by AndroidTapp.com | Android Tapp. Android App Reviews

Or do you need a cleaner solution?
#9 muab, Aug 29, 2010
Well, maybe I need another solution altogether. :)

The reason I'm trying to open an rtf-file is that it's sort of my to-do and remember the milk file which is in my dropbox and it's being synced between a few computers and mobile devices. Since dropbox doesn't like the UTF-8 txt file and messes up all non-english characters in there I've started using rtf file as a quick solution since even my ipod touch can open rtf.

Considering my woes with rtf on Android tho, maybe I'll just go back to txt file and figure out how can I make dropbox treat it properly.

I do find it strange that the rtf which is second only to txt in terms of the open standards has no support in Android tho.
#10 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
it is a little peculiar to be sure. I would say there are a dozen methods to solve the same problem.
I am trying to remember a couple of Apps that are WAY handy for this exact purpose....

There was one that is live synced with multiple devices (husband and wife have it on their phones and on the PC kind of thing) and when anything is changed it syncs with all devices within a minute or whatever. Nice for grocery lists and such.

There are a few Apps that do things like that. Wouldn't that be cleaner than fiddling with Drop Box at all?
#11 muab, Aug 29, 2010
Well, we're sort of digressing, but that's exactly what Dropbox does and while there's a competitor called box.net (and I'm sure many others), I'm not sure if they all have clients for as many platforms as Dropbox does (Mac, Windows, Android and iOS).
#12 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
I think we can digress a bit without getting put in the spanking machine or anything....

I may not be describing the sort of App very cleanly, but Apps that are quite a lot different than Drop Box such as:

Remember The Milk - Android app on AppBrain

You've got shopping - Android app on AppBrain

List Master - Android app on AppBrain

cloudListPro grocery todo list - Android app on AppBrain

To me Drop Box is a bit of a work-around compared to some of these Apps. I particularly like that last one...it is paid but it sounds very nifty.

...and just to keep out of the spanking machine.

I am checking with another forum member regarding his new APP and RTF functionality as we speak...

#13 muab, Aug 29, 2010
Ah, I see what you mean! While I'm sure all these apps are phenomenal -- I'm also sure that for my particular application Dropbox is better -- I need the ability to edit file with a simple text editor and ability to view/edit this file on many platforms.

I might have some addresses in there when I need to mail something from the PO, I have serial numbers for the software I own in there -- that sort of crap which will be useless if put in a specialty program.
#14 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
I see what you mean...
You know I am fairly sure I have seen something like that around... I read a lot of this stuff but it falls back out of my head whenever I read something else apparently.

Well, this App or some of the ones suggested on the same page might be getting closer to the mark.... Or maybe you are right, Drop Box might be your best bet right now...but I really doubt it.

File Share - Android app on AppBrain

It is funny to me that google/android connection is there but searching the market and actually finding the App one wants is often a bit of a crapshoot. I OFTEN discover the exact sort of App I have spent hours searching for...by accident long after I needed it.
#15 muab, Aug 29, 2010
I stand by my Dropbox tho -- it syncs file automatically however far the synced computers are from each other, where's with File Share I'd have to manually pull it and *only* while I'm on the same network. :)

BTW, maybe they've changed something since I've stopped using UTF-8 encoded text files, but they seem to be working/syncing just fine now.
#16 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
Whoops, so it is.

Sorry about that, when I saw that it was referencing a URL I thought it was live to the Net.

I am fairly certain I saw another App that really nailed this sort of solution but I am weary today.


Sounds like you may be up and running anyway...?

#17 muab, Aug 29, 2010
Yeah, but still, would be cool to find something to view/edit RTF files on Android. :)
#18 stangri, Aug 29, 2010
I will keep an eye open tomorrow when I am more alert and see what I can find.


#19 muab, Aug 30, 2010
Maybe a workaround will help to work directly with .txt at Dropbox:

Text editor 'TxtPad Lite' has a setup for open and save text files with encoding not only with UTF-8 but also with Western (Windows-1252) and UTF-16.

#20 Harry2, Aug 30, 2010
Has anyone been successful? I've been using Offiviewer which was perfect, until the service was taken down at the end of october. I get emailled rtf files from work & need to view them on the go & I've failed to get the company to convince the office that rtf is crap.

Any help would be ace!
#21 Adrian4408, Dec 17, 2010
CoolReader will display .rtf files. I still would like to find one that can edit .rtf files.
#22 kiddm60, Jan 20, 2011
Thanks I'll give it try.
#23 Adrian4408, Jan 20, 2011
Easiest is to convert the rtf files to txt. It takes a minute for even multiple files. Quick office inherent in Android will open them easily.
#24 undeliverable, Feb 21, 2011
I'll have to give it a try
#25 Adrian4408, Feb 22, 2011