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What's the Camera Tuner system app?

It is a way of Moto to send updates for the camera without using a system firmware update. It has no user interface or anything that you can use it for.
#2 acejavelin, Oct 12, 2017
Thanks. So if I use a third party camera app like Cameringo it won't have any effect, or?
#3 cdysthe, Oct 12, 2017
It is designed so Moto can tune the camera hardware if I understand correctly, like it's firmware, so yes, it could potentially effect other software.
#4 acejavelin, Oct 12, 2017
Have they done that ever? Would we know if/when they do?
#5 cdysthe, Oct 16, 2017
No idea... although this has been out for some time on other models, just Google "Moto Camera Tuner app" and you will find tons of references to it.

We know what it does though...

#6 acejavelin, Oct 16, 2017