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whatsapp won't send or receive?

Hi all,

Having issues with whatsapp, internet is fine, was working perfectly yesterday, restarted phone, even uninstalled and installed again.don't know what else to try?

Any ideas?


#1 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
No ideas unless you tell us what your problem is and include what phone model and Android version you use.
#2 AlvarezLuis, Sep 9, 2012
Won't send or receive, Samsung galaxy s3, omega 13.1 ROM
#3 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
Try power down, pull battery, wait 30 seconds, replace battery, boot up.
#4 AlvarezLuis, Sep 9, 2012

same problem here

got my S3 a week ago, Whatsapp worked fine up until last night

couldn't send any messages nor receive any (all it showed was a grey clock)

*i don't have a data plan, i just use wifi whenever available

Dunno what's happening. Did a factory reset + reinstall, didn't help

Probably a software problem?
Does anybody know what's happening? Greatly appreciated if someone could tell me what the heck's going on...
#5 snnx27, Sep 9, 2012
go to google and download whatsapp for android on your desktop/laptop then transfer it to you micro sd card and name it whatsapp put it back in your phone and go to my files look up for whatsapp an install it from your sd card that it.
#6 stephensam, Sep 9, 2012
how would that be any different from installing it from the store?
#7 snnx27, Sep 9, 2012
Exact same issue with the grey clock! I installed directly from the whatsapp site when I reinstalled...

Tried power down, remove battery etc, no luck :(
#8 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
don't bother doing hard reset, its ineffective.

I hope this is some firm/software problem... and that it'll be fixed quickly..
#9 snnx27, Sep 9, 2012
Sounds like a problem on the server side. And it's Sunday today. So I wouldn't be surprised if nobody will be touching it until tomorrow.

So today may be an excellent opportunity to try out the free app 'MySMS' for free and convenient text messaging via your laptop or desktop machine's large screen and fullsize keyboard. And on your phone or tablet of course.

#10 AlvarezLuis, Sep 9, 2012
Suddenly started working again!
#11 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
And suddenly stopped again!
#12 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
god dang it, pleaseeee somebody fix this....
#13 snnx27, Sep 9, 2012
Mines working again now!
#14 Tripledrop, Sep 9, 2012
same here! it's working aagain
perhaps they fixed it?
*crosses fingers*
please please please
#15 snnx27, Sep 9, 2012
They posted on Twitter they are doing a upgrade/maintenance on it and it will be down for some time. They should have it back up soon.
I will try to find the tweet and post it for you.

Sorry that was for Tapatalk not Whatsapp. My bad.
#16 greasemuntney, Sep 9, 2012
Hey guyz, now i am facing the same problem, i have samsung galaxy s3 model.
The messages are getting sent after long time and also i am able to see last seen after quite some time

How did the issue got resolved at your end??

Please help :( :(
#17 shubham90, Oct 11, 2014
Hasn't ever happened with me but a number of things which you can do!
Reboot your phone (power off, power on).
Upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version
Turn Wi-Fi off and back on
Try connecting to different Wi-Fi hotspots.
Turn Airplane mode on and off.
Make sure that data is enabled (Android Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks)
Contact your mobile provider and make sure your APN settings are configured correctly.
Reboot your Wi-Fi Router.
Verify that you receive your Google mail emails on time.
Delete and re-install WhatsApp
Upgrade your Android OS to the latest version for your device.
IF none of it works , i guess wait for a day or two? it might be a problem from their end. :)
#18 Marian123, Oct 12, 2014
Lol...maybe whatsapp finally decided to start charging people
#19 mrao, Oct 12, 2014
They've done that for ages. It's only the first year you get free.
#20 womb raider, Oct 13, 2014