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Support Where are Google Play Movies stored?

I purchased two movies from GooglePlay store, just to test it out. I downloaded one of the videos by clicking "download" while in Google Movie app.

It began the download process and notified me when the movie was downlaoded. I turned off my wi-fi and phone, to verify it would play from the phone. It did.

But where is is stored? I suspect on the internal sdcard. But I couldn't find it. I did find a folder android->data...../movies that had a file but I'm not sure that's the movie. The title is cryptic.

Also, I downloaded the 2nd movie and there was still only a single file in that folder. So, I think it might be stored elsewhere.

1) Where are downloaded movies saved, when downloaded to the Galaxy S3, using Google Movie app?

2) If it's on the internal sdcard, can they be moved to the MicroSD? My MicroSD card has much more free space and that would be a better location.

3) Is there any other way (besides the Google Movie app) to get a purchased movie from the Google Play store onto the S3?



#1 MikeSD, Sep 14, 2012
Are they purchased or are they just rented? I thought they were rented? If so they will put them somewhere where you can't get at them. Usually in /data or /cache somewhere I suspect.
#2 SUroot, Sep 14, 2012
They are "purchased" like I said in the 2nd word. ;)

I kind of figured they might be hidden which is why I asked the question. I can't find them but I'm 100% sure someone knows where they are. Now, whether or not I can get to them, is another matter, which is why I asked if they can be moved to a larger storage area.

The fact the movie app doesn't give me a way to select the source, I suspect the answer to my 2nd question is no, they can't be moved. But what the heck... doesn't hurt to ask.
#3 MikeSD, Sep 14, 2012
I recently got a Nexus 7 and wondered this same thing this weekend. It came with a Transformers movie.

Does anyone know if it's possible to burn purchased movies to DVD to watch on a big screen?
#4 valorian, Sep 24, 2012
i've tried to research this with both the Movies and Music app. when you "download" something for offline playback, it is considered cached.

so if you go into your Settings > App Manager, my Nexus 7 with Transformers "downloaded" had a cache of around 1.2 GB (i think, can't remember anymore as i removed it to clear up space), and my Galaxy S3 with offline music has a cache of 4.29 GB.

but from trying to find these from say a file manager app (like Astro), or connected to a computer, i couldn't find them.
#5 mrhomiec, Sep 24, 2012
Thanks for the information. This makes my mind up. I won't be buying any movies from Google Play. I want to be able to burn a movie I purchase to a DVD.
#6 valorian, Sep 24, 2012
now i haven't actually purchased anything from Apple or Google, but yea, at least from Apple, you get the AAC file (i think?) for music purchases, and the M4V file (i think?) for movie purchases saved to your computer. then with clever software, you can use stuff to burn them to CD or DVDs.

it seems like to me when you buy music from Google, you're taken to your online Play Music interface to listen to your purchase. and i have no idea how the desktop interface is like for trying to view a purchased movie. i guess i can test this out with Transformers... will have to do that after work. =)

UPDATE: so when visiting the Play Store website, you're given a YouTube-like experience when watching your movies. lame.
#7 mrhomiec, Sep 24, 2012
Yeah, this is what I'm finding out. It appears as though your "purchases" are stuck in Google's cloud.
#8 valorian, Sep 24, 2012
Yep. Not as bad as Amazon where sometimes the copy protection won't even let the film play once but I am always on the look out for a replacement for Google movies. I don't use them at all for music; just download MP3s.
#9 TomWho, Jul 30, 2014
how to burn my PURCHASED GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES , I don't wan't a cowshit device . My PC ------- DVD
#10 LOUIE1971, May 4, 2015
Google Play movies cannot be burned to a DVD. They can be played off-line by downloading them to your device. This process encrypts them to the specific device so they cannot be copied (pirated). Near as I can tell you are able to view and download them for offline viewing on many devices as I do. I don't know of a limit, but they have to be devices compatible with play.
#11 Unforgiven, May 4, 2015
Yeah they cannot be played on anything else. You can however mirror your phone to your TV if you have a smart TV. I got a new blue ray player and made sure it had miracast so I could mirror. An easier way is to get a $30 Chromecast, done.
#12 Madbat, May 5, 2015
Actually, if you log into YouTube and go to "Paid Content" your Play Movies show up there.:)
#13 Unforgiven, May 5, 2015