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Support where is Allshare play app?

I have no ideea why i dont have this app.
I have also tried in play store but it cant be found...

I can only find the allshare control and nothing else.

Can someone say whats happening?


#1 uxaar, Jul 9, 2012
Chances are its not compatible with your device if you can't find it in the play store
#2 Rxpert83, Jul 9, 2012

Samsung made such a big thing about this service....and now i cant use it.

I am uk and on vodafone how can it not be compatible....?
#3 uxaar, Jul 9, 2012
I'm not really sure what it is, but is this what you're after?
#4 CuBz, Jul 9, 2012
no's not it...
what i am after is called Allshare Play
#5 uxaar, Jul 9, 2012
Have you asked Vodaphone? There was a thread here from an American guy and I suggested "Screen Mode" in Settings but apparently his US carrier doesn't include that feature on their phones.
#6 Ballymoss, Jul 9, 2012
I have Verizon here in the USA and ALLShare play is preinstalled on my phone. In the apps section.

I have been playing with it unsuccessfully for 2 days now. Can't get it to work on my Windows 7 PC either.
#7 davidmanvell, Jul 13, 2012
I am in the UK but with 3. It's the first app in the app drawer. check if you havent hidden it by mistake. Press menu while in the app drawer and check if there is an option called show hidden applications.
#8 Mar, Jul 13, 2012
Discovered it pre installed on my phone a few days ago (T-Mobile UK) and I must say it's brilliant! I've used it to transfer photos to my laptop, and they transfer extremely fast. Also I transfered a HD movie from my SGS3 to my fiancée's laptop via Allshare play and it was transfered within minutes. Makes transferring files to my laptop and visa versa much more easier!
#9 CuBz, Jul 13, 2012
Unfortunately, I don't think it exists.

I too have searched all over with no results.
I just downloaded the Samsung Apps Store and it is not in there either.
samsungapps dot com
#10 cdbbdc, Jan 16, 2013
do u have an app called "more services" mate? might be downloadable in there.
think i froze it coz ill never use it :)
#11 funkylogik, Jan 16, 2013
Do you find AllShare Play in Settings/Apps/All ... ?

#12 Harry2, Jan 17, 2013
No. Not on Samsung Galaxy S III

It does exist on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"
#13 cdbbdc, Jan 17, 2013
I haven't saw allshare play only allshare control and allshare cast Dongle.
#14 mrpnut, Jan 17, 2013
Is this what you're looking for?

It's been renamed to Samsung Link. I had trouble finding it myself for my Note 2
#15 PressAltandF4, May 19, 2013
Given it's a Samsung app, you should look for it in Samsung APP store, not Play.
This is where I get my updates from. And the app works flawlessly.
In fact I have been using AllShare all the services, including Cast. All works great.
#16 SebaKL, May 19, 2013
I use AT&T here in the states and it's the first app in the app screen on mine.
#17 Bearsyzf, May 20, 2013