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where to find my Google Play purchase history?


I want to see all the apps I have bought from Google Play store from the very beginning, their costs and total money I have spent, is there a play place to find it?


#1 FinancialWar, Jan 31, 2013
In phone's Play Store menu, My apps wish to All ...
but only the apps, no further info ;)

#2 Harry2, Jan 31, 2013
so basically Google doesn't want to let me know how much I've wasted on their stupid apps...
#3 FinancialWar, Jan 31, 2013
In your browser, go to Google.com/play, and hit the little gear in the upper right, and go to orders and settings, it will list all your orders and the prices paid for them.
#4 AntimonyER, Jan 31, 2013
You might try it with your Google Wallet account using their web site on PC ...

#5 Harry2, Jan 31, 2013