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Support why are my apps being moved back to my phone after being moved to the SD card?

I have a Samsung J5 phone running Android 5.1.1 (lollipop) with 8GB internal memory + 16 GB SD card.

When i move my apps - like Facebook , to the SD card to free up space on the internal memory, I notice that after a day or so, all these apps have been automatically moved back to the device i.e. internal memory.

I have read blogs suggesting that the Android v5.1.1 is the causing for this and the apps move back to the device as the 'default' location when they update themselves.

I have been in touch with Samsung but they are clueless.

Any insight would be appreciated.


#1 Surfing69, Jun 26, 2016
It happens to me on my Samsung S4, 5.0.1, after every app update. I just move them back again. I don't know of any solution I'm afraid.
#2 john59, Jun 26, 2016
I got the following response from Android Central - http://forums.androidcentral.com/as...-back-my-phone-after-being-moved-sd-card.html :

Explanation has already been given. Android has stopped officially supporting SD cards since Android 4.0, hence there will be issues when you try to move apps to SD card. Samsung is just using a legacy feature of the OS that is not supported anymore. They just didn't bother to remove the option. If you don't want the moving back to happen, you should go to Play Store settings and disable automatic updates of the apps.
#3 Surfing69, Jun 26, 2016
IMO automatic updates of apps is a bad idea anyway, because I always like to review what the updates are before proceeding, e.g. updated to include or increase ads.
#4 mikedt, Jun 27, 2016
thats fine but, unless I am mistaken, at some point you will probably need to update your apps and it is at this point that the app will be moved over to the device from the SD(?)
#5 Surfing69, Jun 30, 2016
Android 4.3 allowed it. [emoji57]
#6 GrouchoM, Jun 30, 2016
Frankly I've never moved apps to the SD ever since I had a Samsung Galaxy S with 2.3 Gingerbread in 2010. :thumbsupdroid: I've always made sure I've got adequate internal storage for the apps and games I use. Current phone is 32GB internal, and there's about 6GB free, plus a 64GB SD for my music, photos, videos, documents, e-books and GPS map data of China.

Moving apps and games to SD was never completely supported anyway, even with 4.0 and older, widgets wouldn't work like that, some apps didn't work at all, and some only moved partly to SD.

6.0 Marshmallow, there's the option now to use SD and combine it with internal, to give a unified storage space for everything. But that's increasing the chance of a problem, like the SD fails, which they do sometimes, you've lost everything and have to start over.
#7 mikedt, Jun 30, 2016 Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
Well when you review the updates, and decide if you want or need to apply them or not, presumably move the updated app to the SD is an option you can do. I've have games ruined because of updates, sometimes because the devs have got greedy, and put intrusive frequent interstitial full-screen ads in and made the games unplayable. That's one reason why I never auto-update anything.


Just remembered, this was a very good reason for NOT auto-updating apps, and to carefully review and manually update if necessary, and move it to the SD as well if you want. :thumbsupdroid:

As some of you know, Tapatalk has been on the path from a 5-star app to a 1-star app. With their most recent update for Android and iOS, it is mission accomplished.


BTW my Galaxy S from 2010 had 16GB of internal storage, the Galaxy J5 is only 8GB in 2016...OK! In 6 years apps and especially games have matured and grown much much larger.
#8 mikedt, Jun 30, 2016 Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
I use a third party app Link2SD. It will automatically return the app to the sd card after it is updated.


I don't think it needs root to use the native function.
#9 Bg260, Jul 1, 2016