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Support Why com.motorola.ccc using lots of data?

I just updated my moto G to 5.0.2 recently.

I also noticed a lot of data has been used up by a process

com.motorola.ccc 10000 (378 MB)

What is this process? Is it possible this is related to the update? Can I get rid of this process to reduce data usage? My monthly plan has only 500MB data, so wasting 378MB is significant. Chrome only used up 50MB in the same period.


#1 Odd Rain, Feb 22, 2015
Looks like com.motorola.ccc is for the Lillipop update so it should be a one time thing, but I'm not positive.

"com.motorola.ccc" in the URL for Motorola Update Services, which is for updating to Lillipop:

For future updates you should be able to do them over WiFi to save on your mobile data :)
#2 kate, Feb 22, 2015