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Wifi Certificates

I would like to use my Hero on our company wifi network. We use WPA2-enterprise with TLS. There seem to be settings for this in the wifi settings menus but the drop-down for certificates only show "none". Where do I put these certificates? Or how do I import them?

I had a case with HTC but after about 3 weeks of silence I asked for an update and they just refered me to online forums for help...



#1 rug, Oct 3, 2009
I managed to find "security certificates" under the menu advanced in wifi settings. Only problem is that nothing shows up when I chose "add certificate". I have the certificate in multiple formats on the SD card.. (.der, .p12, .pem)

#2 rug, Oct 3, 2009
What about for the Android HTC MyTouch (for TMobile)? I looked in the advanced settings in wireless, but it only has capabilites to set static IP information, mac address, wifi sleep policy, and regulatory domain (# of channels to use). Nothing about installing certificates though. Any ideas?

#3 jrissone, Oct 15, 2009
I can't access my WiFi network because it needs a security certificate. When I go to security certificates in the Android settings it just comes up blank. How do I fix this?
#4 dfribush, Oct 17, 2009
Anyone ever answer this?
I need to install my work's security certificate but it wont let me add..
#5 crish, Oct 29, 2009
At HTC Hero:
1. CERT should be in pkcs12 format
2. rename CERT to <any name>.pfx and put it to root(?) of SD card
3. Open "security certificates" under the menu advanced in wifi settings. Chose "add certificate" (click menu button). Here you can see and add your CERT
4. Voila, now you can see your CERT at "security certificates" and can select it in TLS WPA wifi settings.

But my HTC does not connects using WPA TLS connection with CERT settings.

Cheers, ENEQ! -:)
#6 eneq, Nov 7, 2009
Thanks it worked on my HTC Tattoo! I can fetch my Exchange emails but can not connect to internet. It looks like I need to specify our proxy server somewhere to make it work. Do you know how to do it?
#7 iliko, Nov 24, 2009
Sorry to put this Thread up again, but since here is a solution for the Certificate Problem, i wanted to ask how i can see, that my Certificate is from the PKCS-Type XYZ?
#8 Seelbreaker, Dec 14, 2009
Hello Community,
I have bought the new HTC Hero with the 1.5 android os and i have a few questions about wifi certificates. My school uses WPA-2 Enterprise and certificates. As i understand there are to file extensions within the pkcs12 system. .p12 and .pfx. I know my school uses a certificate called "myname"_pass_cert.p12 for the ipods and iphones. So i believe it is the same one i should use. My phone can only read the .pfx extension so is there a way to convert p12 to pfx or do i only need to rename it. I tried renaming earlier but failed, but that might have been something else wrong. I also have these files from my school.

What can i do to convert these to an android readable certificate.

P.S. I have read that Wifi Helper app can handle this but it needs root/superuser access. I this hard to achieve and is their a way to do this without installing a custom rom?(id prefer official firmware).

P.P.S. Please move this to the correct section i see i placed it wrong.

Thank you
#9 Swiftwork, Jan 21, 2010
Thanks, worked for Tattoo. Just want to add that even if its a .p12 format, you can safely rename it to .pfx
#10 sunny316, Apr 12, 2010
Its all About...: Adding .cer certificates on your Android Phone
Shows how to actually achieve this. Worked fine for me. Try it out.
Its all About...: Adding .cer certificates on your Android Phone
#11 lobug, Jun 3, 2010