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General Will Deleting Thumbnails Also Delete My Pics?

theres a folder named 'thumbnails' that contains thumbnails of my pics. i downloaded an app that cleans up the android o/s. it asks me if its ok to delete the contents of this folder. if i delete the thumbnails of this folder, will that also delete my pics?


#1 koolx, Feb 24, 2013
Not if it's only deleting the thumbnails folder, but it's pointless as they will just be created next time you load your gallery or contacts app, or any other app that uses thumbs
#2 XplosiV, Feb 24, 2013
Whats the app btw?
#3 funkylogik, Feb 25, 2013
i understand. but i dont want to delete the thumbnails folder. i just want to delete its contents which are thumbnails. so i hope in doing so that i dont delete any of my pics. so according to u i should have no problem and my pics wont be deleted in the process.

its called clean master.
#4 koolx, Feb 25, 2013
Backup your pictures and try it.
#5 XplosiV, Feb 25, 2013
No, it won't. However, xplosiv is correct - they'll be back.
#6 quickaudi, Feb 25, 2013
Thanks man. The app gets great reviews.
Has anyone else used it?
#7 funkylogik, Feb 27, 2013
I have it and use it about once a week. Works well.
#8 GTWalling, Feb 27, 2013
Good enough for me :) thanks mate il try it out :thumbup:
#9 funkylogik, Feb 28, 2013
guys clean master doesn't clean the .thumbnail files it just cleans the junk files, residual files and obsolete apks.

For deleting the thumbnails you need to follow the following steps no need to download any app for it.

1) create a new folder on your desktop, inside that folder create a text document and rename it as .file

2) make as many text document files with extension as .file as there are .thumbnail files under your DCIM folder => .thumbnail files and rename the text document files with exactly the same name as .thumbnail files (or you can make some text document files and rename them again and again with the new .thumbnail files).

3) delete all the original .thumbnail files and replace it with the new text document files that you made with the extension .file

4) reboot your phone and you are done.
#10 piyush09, Jan 15, 2015 Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
Also try 360 clean droid.
It works for me ☺
#11 Adam59, Jul 19, 2015
This is bizarre. When you have 3000 thumbnail files. Such a stupid feature of android
#12 Ollie Van, Oct 20, 2015
may i ask a question ?
i have removed several photos assigned to my contacts (saved to my device )
is there a way to clean up them ?
a friend of mine own a rooted photos and browsing the device folders i found several thumbs assigned to contacts
#13 Gaia, Oct 22, 2015