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Support Won't connect to my TV -HDMI or USB -help?

I'm trying to connect my tab to the TV, a Philips 9704 led (46"), but nothing happens when I connect. Via the HDMI it only says on the TV screen "No videosignal", and via the USB it says "Empty".
I've tried two different HDMI cables and inputs/ sources, but still nothing.
When I try my laptop via HDMI it works as supposed, also using a USB stick works perfectly. So apparently nothing wrong with my TV.

Thought it was just simple Plug-&-Play with this? :thinking:
Is there something I need to do on my Tab first? An App or something?
My Tab was automatically updated last week,.

I use the HDTV adapter for Samsung tabs so I think I've done everything correct so far, or??

Highly appreciate any help!


#1 Argh2, Apr 5, 2012
Do you have the charger and cable that came with the tab connected?
#2 Jacksmyname, Apr 5, 2012
Thanks, I just figured it out.. :D
Didn't know that the tab (or the hdtv adapter) needed power from the mains supply to be able to use the hdmi cable.. also there's only one output on the tab so I couldn't add up the power supply and the adapter, b, but at a very closer look at the HDTV adapter there are two outputs, so one for the power and one for the tab... note for myself: need new glasses

Everything works fine now..
#3 Argh2, Apr 5, 2012
Glad you're up and running.
I also have the adapter but haven't tried it out yet; busy having fun learning things with it.
#4 Jacksmyname, Apr 5, 2012
i just want to confirm that this is the adapter which you used. once side goes to the tablet and the other side goes to HDMI cable --> HDTV. but i don't see where the power supply would connect. am i missing something here?

#5 daytonaviolet, Apr 30, 2012
okay.. i think i answered my question :)

#6 daytonaviolet, Apr 30, 2012
Hi i can't connect my Samsung tab2 to my LG tv.i have tried using the hdtv adaptor as shown in photo the tv just tells me there's no signal.i have the power going to the adapter but still no luck.
Any ideas
#7 hargy1, Jul 5, 2012
Hi hargy, welcome aboard.
If you have everything connected properly, the only thing I can think of
is that the Tab 2 may require a different adapter.
By different I mean that the Tab2 may need an updated adapter.
Make sense?
Again, this is just a guess on my part.
Try an e-mail to Samsung customer support and ask if the Tab 2 can use the same
#8 Jacksmyname, Jul 5, 2012
Hello. I have a samsung galaxy note and i just bought an MHL HDMI adapter. I tried to connect my phone with my hd tv (Philips 9704 led) and it only says on the TV screen "No video signal". I connect the phone charger to mhl adapter and the hdmi cable to my tv. I dont know what else to do.
#9 aeroporos, Sep 1, 2012
Do you have the right input chosen in your TV settings?
#10 artbytes, Sep 2, 2012
i have tried connecting my note 10.1 to lcd projector using EPL-3PHPBEGSTD. cable power has pluged, but still got no signal. ried to connect it to led tv too, but result was the same. anyone can help me?
#11 suandigo, May 8, 2013
I can't connet my tab 3 to my LG tv... i can connect my phne nd watch movies but not my Tab 3:( can someone please help me..
#12 jojo10, Dec 29, 2014
So after digging around on some websites I found some stuff that might help those wanting to connect their Samsung devices to a TV. I own a galaxy tab 4 and I assumed it would be compatible with an MHL adapter. Not doing any research, I went out and bought a 3rd generation Samsung MHL adapter and to my dismay, it didn't work. So, if you go to this link ---> <--- it'll give you an idea on whether your Samsung device is compatible with an adapter.
If it is not compatible then there still might be a way for you to get around that. Fortunately for me, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 does come with screen mirroring already installed. If you have this then you can buy a Miracast supported receiver or dongle to connect on to your TV so that it'll be able to mirror the screen wirelessly. Go here to read about how it works and get information about the different options or brands that best suit the device you might have ---> <--- Hope this helps!!
#13 Luna Sol, Jul 28, 2015