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Words With Friends - ad-free RIP OFF

There's a recent update to Words With Friends which allows you to buy "coins" and use these to (among other things) remove the adverts.

Seems that the developers are ripping us off though - the ad-free version for iPhone is


#1 brykins, Dec 9, 2011
#2 gregs887, Dec 9, 2011
Much as I'd never be one to defend either zynga or this trend of in-app gougeing generally, there are a couple things here.

1) They might be having a sale. It happens a lot
2) It costs a shitload more money to bring an app to Android for a variety of reasons.
#3 RubiconDude, Dec 9, 2011
do in-app purchases carry over if I install a new ROM or get a different phone? I don't understand why WWF doesn't just have a 2.99 paid version on the Market.
#4 dwd3885, Dec 10, 2011
#5 dguy, Dec 10, 2011
is the revenue split not 70/30 for in-app purchases? Seems like they'd make more money off a market version.
#6 dwd3885, Dec 10, 2011
afaiu, yes - purchases of all forms are tied to your account, not your phone. Not yet done anything with iap on Android though so that's just my understanding for now.
#7 RubiconDude, Dec 10, 2011
Why anyone would buy coins in any game is beyond me.........SUCKERS!
#8 bigbadwulff, Dec 12, 2011
Words for friends was working fine, now on both of my android tablets...I kepp getting an error that it has stopped unexpectedly...I have reloaded and forced closed to no avail...Any Help??
#9 stevencina, Jan 4, 2012
I have the same problem and now i cant uninstall the game at all only the updates
#10 ccwatty, Jan 4, 2012
I play the game a lot and wanted to do without the ads and the popup screens, so I bought the 23 coins. Does anyone know how to "apply" the coins to remove the ads? I cannot figure it out.
#11 phoneturf, Jan 12, 2012
I emailed Zynga and asked why the ads did not go away when I bought the 23 coins. They said to reboot and if that did not work, uninstall and reinstall. I did this and still have ads. So it looks like I paid $3 for nothing.

It's a stupid way to get (or in my case not get) an ad-free version of the game, and I guess I was stupid for trying it. Why don't they just sell a paid ad-free version in the market?
#12 phoneturf, Jan 14, 2012
You HAVE used the coins in the Words With Friends Store to 'buy' the no-ads add-on? It's a two step process....buy coins then use coins to buy add-ons.
#13 brykins, Jan 15, 2012
That's a matter of opinion. I play WWF A LOT and having no paid app that is ad free in the market, I chose to get rid of the annoying ads after each play.

Priced at $2.99 it was worth it to me, just like the paid version of any other app I use all the time such as TTBU Pro or Root Explorer.
#14 Insanecrane, Jan 17, 2012
So buying the "coins" and then using them to buy the ad-free version worked ok for you?

I'd like to play this game but I've seen a LOT of stuff about horribly intrusive permissions, ads, always running in the background, not being able to uninstall, etc.

Can you address these concerns at all? Like I said, I'd really like to play this game but all of the negative reviews concern me.

Any knowledgeable feedback would be greatly appreciated.
#15 mgullick, Jan 29, 2012
@mgullick - I bought the coins and used them to get the ad-free version and it worked fine. My only gripe is the price difference between the iOS paid for (no ad) version, and the ad-free ad-on for the Android one.

Other than that, I have no problem with the app itself. Occasional lock-up, but no more than most other Android apps.
#16 brykins, Jan 29, 2012
#17 sirwet, Jan 29, 2012
Decided to give it a try. Installed but can't find my wife because she used a facebook account and I freaking refuse to have anything to do with facebook. He has some zyngaxxxxxxx user name as well but the damn thing doesn't seem to show the entire name. It's truncated with a bunch of ..... and then the end of it. I freaking hate facebook. It's taking over the world.
#18 mgullick, Jan 29, 2012
So register for Words With Friends on your phone, click Account to see your username, and give your wife your username, let her add you.

Facebook's not the devil you make it out to be. I've got friends and family all over, literally. I mean most of my family is in two states, with some in others, but due to meeting my wife online and moving across the country, I've made friends literally all over the world. We don't talk on the phone (some do, though) but Facebook is one place we all meet up and share what's going on. It does have some concerns, but you can't use a smartphone if you legitimately have those concerns. Apple, Google, Microsoft, RIM, Facebook, they all collect information and they all use it to make money, but they sell it to you as providing you personalised content. Ideally Facebook should be run by a more open group. I don't know, something like Wikipedia or something, not some for-profit company that doesn't care about you. But, news flash, your cell phone carrier doesn't care about you either. Like Facebook, you're just a revenue stream to them. And like Facebook, they connect you to family and friends. To each his own, but I think that kind of connectivity is a good thing. If I didn't, I'd really hate Android.
#19 Dark Reality, Jan 30, 2012
I once signed up with Facebook (briefly) for a specific purpose but was inundated with 'friend' requests. It boggles me that people will have hundreds of 'friends' they've never actually met and really don't know anything about.

I'll pass. I did manage to get hooked up with my wife's WWF account. Your suggestion was such a "Duh" suggestion that I'm embarrassed I didn't see that solution right away. Thanks. :)
#20 mgullick, Jan 30, 2012
Let's stay on topic. This is about words with friends, not Facebook, specifically, k? Thanks! :)
#21 Steven58, Jan 30, 2012
So far the game has run well with no glitches at all. After my first dose of ads I paid the $2.99 to get rid of them.

The only issue I have is with finding opponents. I played against my wife and it was a good game. She responded reasonably quickly and made good moves. I finally won with a score of 410 - 376.

The other two games I started are with random players. Neither of them has made a play in the last day. I'm currently winning both games with scores of 49 - 11, and 153 - 46. It's not looking like either player is going to be a good challenge nor do they seem likely to respond quickly to play.

How does one find good opponents? I'd like to play against people who have a good vocabulary and are interested in playing but not necessarily against people who are going to use some web site to get all of the words magically suggested to them.

Is there an online listing somewhere of folks who are actually interested in playing?
#22 mgullick, Jan 31, 2012
Not really, hence the "with friends" part of the name. You're meant to challenge Facebook friends, it's the nature of Zynga's business. Otherwise.... forums, I suppose. There's a Words topic here, not in the Android Games forum, but the regular Games forum. I just replied, so it should be at the top. I've left my account name there if anyone's up for a game. I don't cheat, but I don't always put 100% into finding the best move; I care less about my score and more about "creative" moves.
#23 Dark Reality, Feb 19, 2012