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General Wow. Easiest voicemail fix ever.

For those of you who are having that stupid persistent voicemail notification bug when switching to this phone, I just discovered the easiest way to fix it.

I already had virgin mobile fix mine once and it took 3 days. Then, the other day, I switched to the HTC One V and after 24 hours I realized what a downgrade it was so I switched back to the Evo V 4g. Alas, the voicemail issue happened again.

I was browsing around the phone when I discovered that right there in the "Call" settings, was a "Clear Voicemail Notification" option. I clicked it, the notification went away.

Has that always been there? How could so many people who've had the problem miss that?


#1 blh2012, Aug 2, 2012
Well that was pointless. I restarted my phone and the notifications came back.
#2 blh2012, Aug 2, 2012
I could be wrong but I remember seeing something like this before. Call yourself from another phone and leave a VM. Then call from your phone and delete it and it should be gone. Hope this works for you.
#3 krowley3, Aug 2, 2012
Neither if the above recommendations work. They've all been tried. You need virgin mobile to fix it or you needa new number
#4 G19, Aug 2, 2012
I'm just going to keep using the "clear voicemail notifications" option each time my phone is powered on. I only restart my phone every 2-3 days so it really shouldn't be that bothersome. At least, it'll be much less bothersome than dealing with Virgin Mobile customer 'care'.
#5 blh2012, Aug 2, 2012
For me, that didn't fix anything. I'd still receive the notification even without rebooting. Others have said it went away for them. What works for me is using a custom rom. I receive no old voicemail noticiations using meanrom and receive all my new voicemails as I should.
#6 G19, Aug 2, 2012
Mine comes back sometimes even without a restart. I think when it loses signal and picks it up again it checks. Customer care was no help to me either.
#7 qu4ttro, Aug 2, 2012
I've contacted all support channels (up to and including executive care)...they know about the problem, they don't have a fix for it yet. Supposedly they are working on one (I'll believe it when I see it).
#8 motoracer1486, Aug 2, 2012
"They're working on a fix" means we'll never get a fix :D Still hard to believe that no one at the entire company has any control over the voicemail system.
#9 G19, Aug 2, 2012
Ya...they are blaming HTC saying it's a software issue. I've had a phone replacement and the same thing happened. My phone is getting the notification from the network, not the phone.
#10 motoracer1486, Aug 3, 2012
They know how to fix it, they're just stupid.

If I'm not mistaken, this only happens to the sprint-branded Evos', right?
#11 blh2012, Aug 3, 2012
Thankfully, I have not had this issue. My phone is not Sprint-branded.
#12 Droidula, Aug 3, 2012
Nope. I have them on my Virgin Mobile
#13 redpipe, Aug 3, 2012
I was stuck with that annoying voicemail notification for a few days and it wouldn't go away, so I tried the following and it worked like a charm:

NOTE: I had tech support swap phones for me through Facebook so that I didn't have to wait 24 hours to swap back.

1.) Swap your phone from the HTC EVO V 4G to any other VM phone (I switched back to my Triumph).

2.) From the phone that you just swapped to, call and set up your voicemail. This will still be the same new Sprint voicemail set-up, but just set it up anyway.

3.) After the new voicemail is set up, hang up the phone and call your voicemail back. You will receive a notification that there are no new messages.

4.) Now, swap back to the HTC EVO V 4G. After the swap is complete, you will need to set up the voicemail AGAIN on the EVO 4G, but this should be the last time.

5.) After the voicemail set-up is complete, you will get that annoying voicemail notification again. This means you're on the right track.

6.) On your EVO, go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Dialer -> Clear data -> OK.

7.) On your EVO, go to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Phone -> Clear data -> OK.

8.) Your voicemail icon will disappear. Restart the phone and the icon will not reappear.

I did this over a week ago and the icon has not returned. Success!

I pray this helps you guys out. :)
#14 bakermiddle, Aug 3, 2012
Not sure exactly when, but mine cleared itself and hasn't been back.

I never contacted support about it.
#15 OGWillikers, Aug 3, 2012