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General Yesss!!! METRO pcs rebate recieved

I while ago I read on here about people doubting if they were going to get their Metro PSC rebates.
Yahoo.... got my two shiny $50 Visa cards in the mail yesterday. It took 11 of the 12 weeks.
I always send them certified do I know they received them, and just wait.
This is the second time I received rebates for double purchases.
Never had any problems yet.:)


#1 20GT, Apr 13, 2013
I'm going to do this soon. Haven't really looked into it other than the expected process and arrival time. Good to know there's at least one good story regarding the rebate.
#2 Random05, Apr 13, 2013
When did you send in the form?? I still haven't received mine and it has been 3 months. I'm supposed to get $150 in rebate money because I paid for my phone and my parents.
#3 sammyz, Apr 14, 2013
did you send it certified ?
did you buy it after February 7th but kept the same phone number ?
#4 20GT, Apr 14, 2013
Feb 26. New number.
Feb 26. Same numbers.
#5 sammyz, Apr 14, 2013
I go to metropcs track rebate, enter name, phone#, and it shows when they recieved your claim and the status. Mine was recieved on 2/14/13 and for the last 6 weeks has been approved awaiting to be issued. The last time I got one it took about 3 months.
#6 bart2201, Apr 14, 2013
Just got both of mine
#7 bwg2469, Apr 14, 2013
Got mine about 10 days ago.

Date Received: 01-25-2013
Status Detail: Your rebate is valid. Please allow up to 45 days to receive your rebate.
Shipped Date: 03-27-2013
#8 MrHerbDaily, Apr 14, 2013
They got mine on 3/1.

Chat today said it has been fully processed but may still take til 5/23 to be mailed.

That sucks and I just politely told the Mothership so on their Faceplant page. :mad:

Bruce in Ocala, Fl-show me the damn money already enough
#9 OcalaFlGuy, Apr 15, 2013

Can I get the rebate if I just upgraded my phone? From my understanding it looks like it's only for a new account activation, unless you guys also upgraded and still got the rebate.

#10 Random05, May 2, 2013
Only if you added a line (or more) at the same time.

They're technically Isn't a Spirit rebate anymore since I think the first couple days of April, the current "rebate" is for adding lines only.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
#11 OcalaFlGuy, May 2, 2013