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Root YouTube app stuck on loading.

So my YouTube doesn't play. I uninstalled it and installed it. I'm on broken out rom with ick theme. I'm on good wifi over 15 mbs. So idk what the issue is. Tried to search but search is crap on tapatalk lol.


#1 HereticSins, Jun 1, 2012
Probably went over your monthly GBs limit.
#2 PRkid, Jun 1, 2012
I doubt it since I only use wifi.
#3 HereticSins, Jun 1, 2012
this happended to me once i think it was from playing with the setting in rom toolbox that control what apps start on boot. i did a complete wipe and reinstalled rom and issue has never came back.
#4 firenemesis7, Jun 1, 2012
Yeah I did that too just last night gonna let YouTube auto start see if that fixes it.

Edit: yup that did it. I guess you have to let it auto start haha.
#5 HereticSins, Jun 1, 2012
Glad i could help
#6 firenemesis7, Jun 1, 2012