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YouTube black screen but with audio

Hello, I just purchased a brand new levono tab4 10 today and already having problems with YouTube on the first time using it. The screen buffers then goes black but audio is still playing. Have force stopped it, disabled it to reinstall it incase it needed updating and reset my tablet and worked for 1 video then went back to how it was, anybody know a fix or show me where to go to help?


#1 CLARE90, Apr 20, 2018
Does this happen on WiFi, Mobile Data, or both? And does it seem to relate at all to your signal strength?

I'm not sure this will help, but maybe go into your YouTube settings and manually set videos to display at the lowest possible resolution to see if you still have the same problem. If not, keep moving the resolution up until the problem occurs. Maybe it's detecting your signal strength is better than it is and ramping up resolution, continually falling behind on video buffering while the audio continues to load just fine.
#2 Rob, Apr 20, 2018
It is just connected to Wi-Fi and I was using my iPad this morning and was working fine then got this this afternoon and is not, I also turned it down to 480p and it's still doing it.
#3 CLARE90, Apr 20, 2018
If the device cant play visual and audio on things like netflix or any other website then the device is at fault. Try taking it in to get it checked down if thats the issue. However if the device is able to play visual and audio files on other sites and apps then youtube may be at fault. If this is the case make a bug report to youtube and hopefully they will release a fix in the latest update

Best of luck to you
G Andre W
#4 HeyItsDaWolf, Apr 21, 2018
I went in to apps
Clear Data

This worked for me today
I can view videos in chrome but cant use chromecast. Ugh
Have contacted YT to no avail, seems to be a problem with June 7. 2018 update.
#5 Ca_dreamin, Jun 12, 2018