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Support ZForce suddenly stopped pairing ear buds, disconnects one connects other

Hello! I am hoping someone can help me here with this Bluetooth issue I am having. I have asked elsewhere to have no responses...

Started a 1-2 months ago my phone will not pair Bluetooth earbuds (the non-wired ones, requiring pairing of 2 devices at once). This worked as intended up until few months ago. Had no problems with these type of earbuds.

Now, when I try to get both connected. My phone won't allow both to stay connected. Instead it disconnects the recent connected device.

This is what happens basically -

- I go to connect my left earbud, connection successful.
- I then go to connect my right earbud. Device disconnected (left), device connected (right).
And that happens every time.

Sometimes when I have 1 side connected and go to connect the other side, my device goes: "Connected. Disconnected. Connected. Disconnected" a just a few seconds. When I try to connect it in settings, then the other side gets disconnected.

It doesn't matter if I connect right, then left. Or left, then right. Still happens.
I have tried different pairs of Bluetooth earbuds (different brands).
I have tried clearing the Bluetooth system cache settings.
I became desperate and even did a factory restart of my phone - still does it :-(

I have become super aggravated over this because I cant use my headphones as intended now.

I feel like this started around the time I added my Samsung gear fit 2 watch - I added this about a month ago. But I did try to remove it from my phone and disconnect it from BT. But no improvements. Plus, wouldn't the system wipe just have cleared that up anyways? So I am still stuck with the problem.

Again, any help is super greatly appreciated. I do not want to go to Verizon to get a replacement phone. I hate dealing with Verizon...


#1 nealj121, May 11, 2018
I'm thinking it could be buggy firmware possibly. Did the phone receive an OTA update around about the same time they stopped working? And if it was a buggy update, that's something Samsung would need to fix.

The only non-wired earbuds I've ever seen are Apple Airpods that people use with iPhones.
#2 mikedt, May 11, 2018
Yes, you bring up a good point. The phone had an update a few weeks ago.
#3 nealj121, May 11, 2018
Hello. Still need help.

Verizon sent me a replacement phone, same problem
Now I'm really confused.
#4 nealj121, May 15, 2018
If it is a software driver issue, new hardware will not solve the problem.

Does the maker of the earbuds say that it will work on the Moto Z? Have you called them to see if there is a resolution on their end?
#5 doogald, May 16, 2018