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Zmax pro or stylo 2 plus?

Been looking for a new phone. I think I've decided on these two i was about to buy the new stylo until ibsaw the new zmax after looking at both specs I'm leaning towards the zmax. The stylo does have a fee things going for not the zmax doesn't -removable battery, built in stylus, NFC. But the price point the larger battery and slightly better chip set on the zmax seem more appealing. Only thing is I've never owned a ZTE device in my life so I don't know how well they hold up. Any thoughts between the two?


#1 averagewonder, Jul 19, 2016
Did you own the OG Stylo?

If yes, Boost/Sprint or Tmobile/Metro?
#2 tube517, Jul 19, 2016
Yeah I got the original Stylo with metro
#3 averagewonder, Jul 19, 2016
I was disappointed in the Stylo2 Plus specs. But, I don't know about ZTE.

What is your budget?

There is another thread talking about alternatives to the Stylo 2 Plus
#4 tube517, Jul 19, 2016
I don't want to spend more than $200. Yeah I was hopeing for 3g of ram and a better resolution screen with the Stylo. My birthday is coming up so the phone would be a gift to myself plus I usually give my parents my old phones and my mom is stuck with the Leon. I was looking at a note 3 but I don't wanna pay that much especially for a used phone
#5 averagewonder, Jul 19, 2016 Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
One vote for zte. Company is legit and original model on Metro couple years ago continues to attract positive commentary. In fact, it's developed an extended shelf life on mvno's, like the Moto.
I too share your spec concerns & budget.
However, I'm willing to spend $99 now... and IF something better comes along later, another $100 plus.
The larger screen and res "may allow not toting around a tablet".
32 GB Storage is HUGE. Even this will likely not be enough for me. Not all apps on SD work flawlessly.
LTE band aggregation is HUGE.
USB C & Host is HUGE.
Fingerprint reader meh... BUT has extra useful extra button functions.
NFC huge, but it's a holdover phone.
Battery non removable BUT already used to carrying spare power for tablet as well.
Speaker placement... a non issue. Use headphones when otherwise rude, connect to speakers when needed.
Stylus significant... gonna try voice notes instead.
Locked bootloader is no more an issue - someone just found a fix for all zte's.
#6 horsecharles, Jul 20, 2016
Yeah the type C is a huge plus and the screen resolution and pixel density are better than the stylo 2 plus and also the 32g is a huge advantage. Finger print scanner I don't really care about both phones have it. NFC I rarely use it now so I doubt I'll miss it but it's one of those things that in would rather have just like an ir blaster. But at $99 it's cheap enough and specd good enough that it'll probably be my choice just wish it had 3g of ram but o well.
#7 averagewonder, Jul 20, 2016
Hey, just a little note here. I'm using the N5X, with 2 GB RAM and haven't found any real problems. 'Course my screen is a tad smaller than the ZMax Pro. Also my software (fully stock not rooted) is gonna be different. I don't know what kind of skin ZTE puts on Android. I also don't use NFC (primarily because my bank isn't up with the times yet and I can't use Android Pay). I do love the fingerprint reader though. It's an awesome way of unlocking the phone, especially while driving. I, personally, don't understand the fuss about non-removable batteries. There aren't many external battery chargers anymore, so in order to charge the second one you have to take out the (hopefully) fully charged battery from the phone and put in the discharged battery and so your phone is chained to the wall again. Basically doubling the time your phone is plugged in and you can't go very far from the wall with it when plugged in. I just take my charger with me in the car (I have a car charger so I can top it off while driving). Any way, just my thoughts about a different phone.

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#8 alfick3, Jul 20, 2016
Not neccessarily. I have the OG Stylo and found batteries and an external charger that goes with them. Usually, you can find external chargers that come with the extra batteries.

Now, the number of phones with removeable batteries has decreased but there are still some out there and the external batteries and chargers are usually available.

Batteries wear out over time and the more you charge them the faster they wear out. I usually rotate my batteries so they may get charged every 3rd or 4th day on the external charger. I also try not to charge with a cord so that saves my usb port from wearing out.

That is the "fuss" about having a removeable battery. I like having an extra one without having to wait to charge my phone. I need it with me at all times for business. Changing it out is easy
#9 tube517, Jul 20, 2016
And the reboot during the swapout gets your phone running snappy again :)

When carrying a phone only, no briefcase, I like carrying 2 spares W/O a bulkier/heavier extended power pack or even external charger.
But one has to be fairly anal whenever near an outlet... swap out with the discharged one in one's pocket.
I end up getting too paranoid... at times only working while plugged in... with the longest possible cable.

QUESTION, tube517:
some advocate keeping battery charge level between 30-80% only, to supposedly prolong battery life.
¿What say you?
#10 horsecharles, Jul 20, 2016
Right you can find chargers easily on eBay and Amazon and if they don't have on exactly for your battery they have universal ones. I don't think I'll care so much with this phone but if I ever paid a lot for a phone I would definitely want the option to put in a new battery for when mine eventually does start to go bad.
#11 averagewonder, Jul 20, 2016
I carry a backpack and keep a charger cord at my office just in case lol. In my backpack I have 2 spares and an external charger, which I have been using lately due to 3 power outages at home (highly unusual)! If I leave my desk, then at least one spare battery goes with me.

As far as battery percentages, I've heard 30%-40% is the "ideal" time to recharge the battery. YMMV.
I'm not the best at that. I usually run it down to 15-20%. Never below that, unless I'm stuck somewhere with no spare.
#12 tube517, Jul 20, 2016
I used my 1st gen Moto G for two years and the battery is still just as good as it was when I first got it; or it seems that way to me. I never made any tests/measurements to determine a base point, but I never really noticed a decrease in performance.
#13 alfick3, Jul 20, 2016
And then there's the solar backpack...
I'm looking for a hybrid briefcase/laptop bag/backpack, that won't stand out to thieves.
I gave up regular backpack because we have a homeless explosion. All of a sudden one gets too many negative glances or outright "sir, you can't come in with that"... alongside the ever present subway terror searches.
#14 horsecharles, Jul 20, 2016
I have to add that my Stylo lags until I do something about it, I think the third GB would really help... along with also having plenty of unused storage space.

And the NFC I found so much more convenient to other wireless alternatives for transferring files, printing, connecting to TV...
The next project was the NFC stickers, oh well.
#15 horsecharles, Jul 20, 2016