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Root Zmax recent update zip

Today I got a notification saying that a zmax system enhancement had been downloaded to my phone.. I have auto updates turned off so it didnt install which would have done who knows what to my phone. Im running stock rom rooted with butterkat kernel.. anyway here is a link to the file if anyone wants to try to fugure out what it is or if it contains something that can be used.




#1 Blackhawk1969, Aug 20, 2015
yea dnt update youll loose root you can try ota root keeper . but if you have twrp the update wont install from experience
#2 ghet2rockuu, Aug 20, 2015
Well going through the file, this patch updates the recovery and boot img, but more interestingly, it also looks like it updates the modem as well. Hmmm I wonder what this patch is actually doing.

If anyone on here has taken the update, what is your baseband version?
#3 Vyrus69, Aug 20, 2015
me p892t57bo1
#4 fino8129, Aug 20, 2015
Yeap, this update is completely worthless then, I'm still on the same baseband.

Do you have a MetroPCS branded version?
#5 Vyrus69, Aug 20, 2015
zte just update the grand xmax to lollipop
#6 fino8129, Aug 20, 2015
just spoke to zte in spanish to make sure i understand right the rep told they already release lollipop fot zte zmax on august 11 he told me the i will get the update soon to wait few days
#7 fino8129, Aug 20, 2015
I'll believe that whenever its actually released. If they DO release...wow..I might be tempted to install it unless I can pull it off my phone, modify it for root and then just flash it...here's to hoping!
#8 Vyrus69, Aug 20, 2015
call twice both people tld me the same thing
#9 fino8129, Aug 20, 2015
So we are getting lollipop ? Hopefully if we do at least 5.1 ?? .Zmax owner. Metro.
#10 Biggzthegreat, Aug 21, 2015
i spoke yester to 2 rep at zte they both told me the same think they already release lollipop on august 11 for zte zmax
#11 fino8129, Aug 21, 2015
Omg, this is awesome. I hope they actually send it to everyone
#12 ThatKid_Prince, Aug 21, 2015
So will the zte max z970 get the Android 5.1 update that will be cool if we do
#13 jameswarrant, Aug 23, 2015
i hope we do let see
#14 fino8129, Aug 23, 2015
Maybe the update actually makes band 12 work?

How would someone make this root friendly? Would it be bad to do so?
#15 HallOfPromise, Aug 24, 2015
no dev is working on this phone no more i think
#16 fino8129, Aug 24, 2015
I looked into making it root friendly but when I opened the zip I've never seen anything like it I'm not familiar with any of the commands it uses and the script is just too huge for me to sift through because my eyes just start jumping all over the place and I lose my place. I just don't have the time it would take for me to figure it out.
#17 Masterchief87, Aug 24, 2015
time is an illusion
#18 ghet2rockuu, Aug 24, 2015
#19 fino8129, Aug 25, 2015 Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
If me not having enough time is an illusion then that cuts both ways so since you also have enough time why don't you do it then
#20 Masterchief87, Aug 25, 2015
apparently to prevent an update from continuously taking up 200 megabytes of your disk space create a zip called Update.zip and leave it in your cache folder...for me anyway it seems to be preventing the system update from continuously re downloading after I deleted it.
#21 Blackhawk1969, Aug 25, 2015
its o0nly 200 mbs i left it there n just turn off the notification
#22 ghet2rockuu, Aug 25, 2015
200 mbs of hell if it somehow tried to flash or install on a fluke.. peace of mind.. I just didnt want it on my phone.. just in case
#23 Blackhawk1969, Aug 25, 2015
Have you ever tried fotakill.apk it is kind of old but I think it still works for blocking ota updates
#24 Masterchief87, Aug 25, 2015
well im not worried i have twrp installed update can try to install with fail
#25 ghet2rockuu, Aug 25, 2015