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Zmax wont turn on or charge

So i am lost hopefully someone here can help the other day the phone was pretty much fully charged 90% to be exact i lut it into my pocket for a moment literally less then 3 minutes it had a black screen will not hard reset wont charge nothing any recommendations to fix this or is it a laper weight now? It has been like this for a week will not power on at all


#1 cjoiner9656, Aug 7, 2017

Hold the power button down for a very long time. Like 2 minutes. For some reason (after the last update) like once a month my ZMAX just shuts off. Holding the power button down for a really long time seems to get it to boot. If that doesn't work... plug the power in and hold the power down for a minute or two.
#2 ZMAX4EVER, Aug 7, 2017
thanks I'll give that try
#3 Chris joiner, Aug 8, 2017
didn't work unfortunately
#4 Chris joiner, Aug 8, 2017
I'm sorry, maybe someone else here has a suggestion?

Try plugging it into the USB port on a computer to see see if it charges, powers up, is recognized by the PC, etc?
#5 ZMAX4EVER, Aug 8, 2017
Mine will do this about every other week. If I hold down power and volume down until it does a brief vibration and let go it will power back on. Hope that helps.
#6 dedbunny, Aug 8, 2017
Put it in the fridge. I have resurrected my zombie tablet that way loads of times.
#7 asianrocker, Aug 9, 2017
I just had the same issue with my ZTE BladeX X Max Z983, it would not power on at all. I tried different chargers and USB type C cables with no luck. Even looked in the port to see if there was any debris. Plugged the device into 3 different computers each with another O.S. (Windows 7 Ult, OSX and a Linux distro with no luck. No device would recognize my phone.

The Fix, I held my power button down for a very long time until my phone vibrated... Boot splash came up and the device was working fine. I don't know why it happened. I cant replicate the issue, I just know that there was no display whilst charging the device and the home button wouldn't illuminate either.
#8 Thunderbeadz, May 8, 2018
#9 Daniel661G, May 16, 2018
Did you have the phone charging while doing this ?
#10 Daniel661G, May 16, 2018