Beastie Bay 2.13 for iPhone - Download

Beastie Bay 2.13 for iPhone - Download

Pokemon meets Simcity

Beastie Bay is another one of the many games developed by Kairosoft, which is a company that is known for its addictive management games for mobile phones in which strategy, management and Japanese role-playing combine in order to offer a fun experience that is like none other.

The idea of the game is very simple: you will be a sort of animal trainer that lives on the beach with his pet, and your goal is to explore the whole region around you in order to capture all of the animals that you can and build a city for them to live in that is as big as you can make it.

So, the game is divided into two basic parts. On the one hand, you have the management side, where you will have to build houses and different buildings for your beasts to live in. And on the other hand, there is the 'role' phase, where you can head out with your group of beasties, allowing them to explore new areas, find treasure, and fight against other beasties.

During the combats you can capture enemy animals as long as they have been weakened (like in Pokemon). So, you can have a true commune of all different kinds of beasts: cats, crabs, gorillas, rock golems... everything.

Beastie Bay is a very fun role-playing and management game that has everything you need to keep you hooked for hours and hours. This is something that you could definitely call the 'Kairosoft effect.'

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