Google Drive 4.2018.07204 for iPhone - Download

Google Drive 4.2018.07204 for iPhone - Download

Access your Google Drive from your iPhone

Google Drive is the official application for the service of the same name, which allows you to have access to your virtual hard drive from any iOS device whenever you are connected to the Internet.

The app's interface allows you to easily access your private virtual hard drive, shared files from other users, recent files, and even some that you can access offline (which you'll have to download beforehand).

The basic storage for Google Drive is 5GB--more than enough to store your documents, images, and a video here and there. Nonetheless, you can always pay for more if you need more space.

Google Drive is a massive cloud storage service that is especially useful because of its integration with all other Google products. It's easy and convenient to use, which makes having it at hand on your iOS device a useful addition for those who need to have certain documents with them at all times.

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Google Drive на iOS

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